Extending the Life of Credit Card Fraud

The newest trick ID thieves are using to generate quick cash?

Gift cards.

In a story by USA Today Sunday, the newspaper reported thieves that are getting hold of stolen credit cards are going online, purchasing gift cards, then selling them to buyers who in turn sell the gift cards at a discounted rate.

The biggest problem with the scheme, it seems, is that thieves can buy and charge numerous gift cards — without even getting up from a computer — before a victim can deactivate the stolen card.

I haven’t heard any local Kitsap cases as yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Extending the Life of Credit Card Fraud

  1. Why would anyone expect to get gift cards for less than the cost someone paid for them?

    Again. In many cases people get taken in through their desire to help someone.

    Others get ‘taken’ by their greed factor. Con artists cannot flourish without the greed factor. The greed of the people who think they are getting something for nothing … a ‘bargain’…
    ..in my opinion.
    Sharon O’Hara

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