SIlverdale Speeders

The Silverdale stretch of Highway 3 ranks no. 2 on a list of state roads in which motorists drive above the speed limit most, according to an article in today’s Seattle Times.

No wonder Troopers often line the highway there.

The story, by Susan Gilmore, says the state uses a high tech system to monitor speeds. Only milepost 111 on Interstate 5 — near Olympia — has more people who push the speed limit (and I’ve noticed many troopers there too. Anyone sensing a pattern?).

9 thoughts on “SIlverdale Speeders

  1. Maybe they should put those cameras on the freeways like they have at the intersections. Guess it would have to be super high speed film…

  2. those are not cameras at the intersections in Silverdale. They are sensors that help the light decide when to change and allow traffic to proceed from each direction.

  3. Is it really because more people speed there? Or is it because troopers spend more time there enforcing the speed limit? I would submit that if the police spent a significant amount of time in a specific location, the stats would naturally reflect more tickets issued in that area. We have only so much State Highway in our county for the number of troopers to spend time enforcing the speed limit.

    On Bainbridge I see a lot of cops spending time and stopping people on 305, but does that mean that the people on the island only speed on 305?

    I guess all I’m saying is- it seems like for traffic tickets that the stats will logically follow where the cops spend their time. And since speed enforcement is decided by the police as to where, when & how much time to spend doing it, the police themselves to some degree generate these geographic stats.

  4. drc:
    Read the stories before commenting, please. It may lead to more informed comments.

    “Embedded in miles of roadways are small wire coils that generate electrical pulses used to record your speed when your vehicle passes over them.”

    They DO know how fast people are driving, because they have a speed detection system installed.

  5. I wonder if they have those coils embedded on 305 on Bainbridge?

    I, for one, would love to see something done about the drivers that are going TOO SLOW on hwy 305 from the BI ferry terminal all the way into Poulsbo. I’m talking about the people that mosey along at 35 to 45 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone. It’s as dangerous to go that far under the speed limit as it is to exceed the speed limit. I can personally attest to the fact that it can lead to road rage as I have become quite upset a couple of times at people meandering along at 35 to 40 mph and I can’t pass them because of all the oncoming traffic or no-passing zones.

    Speeding drivers scare me and excessively slow drivers annoy me. I just tell everyone that I have THE CURSE OF 305…everyone in front of me does 35!

  6. Interesting story. Personally I think the State troopers are targeting Sailors and those that work on Bangor.
    A while ago, I went to Portland, via I-5. After I got past Gorst, I saw one trooper car crossing on an overpass. On the way home, I didn’t see any trooper cars. A week later, I was traveling to Utah. I traveled SR 3 and 16, I-5 to SR 18 to I-90 to Ellensburg and I-82 to Pendleton and return ten days later…no trooper cars seen. My first day back to work and coming home from NBK Bangor to Chico Way, seven trooper cars either running laser or had a speeder pulled over. I traveled over 900 miles and see one trooper car. I travel 7 miles from work to home and see seven!
    Don’t tell me they don’t target Kitsap Citizens!!! They do!

  7. UHH did you read the embedded story about the coils in the road. They probably know where to sit and try to slow people down. High tech but it obviously is very good. My question is do these coils record the speed of motorcycles. I had this guy pass me every morning for over a year on Hwy 3 at least going 110 MPH I was afraid to change lanes because I knew he was always on the road with me. By the way he went past the Bangor exit so I doubt he was a sailor.

  8. Joel there are quite a few law enforcement vehicles out there that don’t look like cop cars. There is no way that I will ever believe that troopers are targeting sailors. How would they know who is driving the car? Do you think that those radars flash “warning! Sailor on the road! Go get ’em!” I believe that they target those who violate the law no matter who they are, and if there are significant problems in a particular area they may be a bit more visible. In fact you hear that a lot of the time on the news where troopers will be putting extra patrols in certain areas. So what is wrong with that? Don’t you want them to serve and protect and be where they are needed? I’m glad when I see marked cars on the road. It makes some people slow down and pay attention for at least awhile. And I’m glad when I see them writing tickets too. Troopers save countless lives by doing so, and isn’t that what we all want?

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