Thawing Out Cold Cases

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Brasfield has converged a cream-of-the-crop team of retired law enforcement officers to tackle the county’s unsolved missing persons and homicide cases.

They’re all volunteering for the job, and are residents of Jefferson County. Their law enforcement experience, however, sets them apart — more than 100 years among them, in stints with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the federal A.T.F., and even the Mercer Island Police Department.

According to a press release from the office, the cold case “squad” will focus on six and ten cases that date back as much as 40 years.

Among them:

In addition to the recently publicized 1981 case of missing teenager Carla Owens from West Jefferson County, there are several other cases that involve disappearances. They include the case of Robert and Dagmar Linton (1986 – Brinnon); Sharon Giusti and her 2 small children (1963 – Chevy Chase); and Rose Eaton (1994 – Chimacum). There are also several unrelated cases involving skeletal remains found in various parts of Jefferson County over the last 40 years.

So, the sheriff asks, what has changed that necessitates a cold case squad?

Although the cases were professionally investigated as thoroughly as possible at the time, advances in information retrieval and investigative tools may provide some additional leads. Part of the group’s work will include confirming that reports and dental records had been entered into State and National Missing Persons data bases, and that the records ! are current and accurate.

I’ve often thought about examining some of these cases for future stories. Anyone have some good ideas?

2 thoughts on “Thawing Out Cold Cases

  1. I consider the death of my son Christopher Shadbolt in January of 1997 to be an unsolved murder case.
    In my son’s case no one was arrested because of lack of evidence, so I was told.
    My son died of a severe blow to the head. Witnesses involved claim they dropped him on a door jam. Sheriff’s office had a baseball bat in their possession for a year afterwards before I was even told they had it.

  2. I definately think these cases should be gone over again and reevaluated to see if there is any more information that can be taken from them. I always see on cold case television programs and that is always what solves the cases later, is someone who takes the time to care about these cases later on. honestly i only reached this website because i know a murderer who hasnt been caught for everything hes done to others yet and i want to find a link to unsolved cases by county and year because i dont know the names of the people but i know its still unsolved. its kinda scarry to meet someone and later they tell u things that u dont want to know. u know that there used to b someone who cared for the deceased though.

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