Hook, Line and Sinker

As Bremerton’s major redevelopment continues, it appears its police department is doing some renovations of its own.

Years of a high per capita violent crime rate and an understaffed police force has made an officer’s work here “reactive” more than “proactive,” many officers have told me.

But police last Thursday targeted vehicle prowlers with a “bait car,” outside the 7-Eleven on Sixth Street and Park Avenue. Prowling and car theft having long been a problem, it appears our local cops were looking for a proactive way to stop it before it impacts real victims — and make thieves think twice about getting into your car next time.

Three people have been charged with second-degree theft after $300 in “pre-recorded” police funds were taken from the car.

If you see our story on the web site today, it includes this interesting tidbit:

A sergeant noted in one report of the incidents that “there were citizens that obviously looked into the vehicle to where the purse where the currency was, and did not attempt to steal it.” He went on to say that one person even “took the time to enter the store and inform the store employees that someone needed to secure the purse in the vehicle before someone could steal it.”

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