With Sentencing Over, What Next for Former Chief?

A judge sentenced Naval Base Kitsap’s former command master chief to a sex offender treatment alternative this morning in Kitsap County Superior Court.

But what next for Edward E. Scott?

What about all of the comments on this blog about his military retirement? And how long will a rigorous sex offender treatment program take?

Court documents indicate Scott thinks he’ll get a retirement as an “E7” or as chief petty officer.

A Navy spokesman also told me today Scott is currently on “unauthorized absentee status without pay.” He was taking home about $6,000 a month as the command master chief, he told corrections officials in court documents.

His sex offender treatment plan should take about three years, according to court documents. With his 9-month sentence, he’ll be out about December (with credit for time served).

Here’s some tidbits and the rest of today’s sentencing story:

Judge Leonard Costello deliberated between a 90-month prison sentence and a 9-month jail stay with treatment for Edward E. Scott, the local Navy’s highest enlisted man, arrested in March in an internet sex sting by police.

Costello called Scott an “appropriate candidate,” for the special sex offender sentencing alternative, or SSOSA, but warned him: “I have no difficulty in revoking in (it) without hesitation.”

Earlier, Scott had told the Costello, with Scott’s family and friends in the courtroom, that he was “truly sorry,” for his role in attempting to meet with what he thought was a mother and her twin children for sex.

“The shame that I have experienced through this whole thing fails drastically to the pain and anguished I have caused my family,” Scott said. ” … I am very truly sorry.”

*Kevin Hull, Kitsap County deputy prosecuting attorney, said it was a “difficult decision,” to recommend a 90-month term, but that it was necessary for the sake of the community.

“Our community has an interest in people who take deviant sexual desires outside of the home, beyond the computer, beyond the internet,” he said. “He made the decision to take that desire outside of the home.”

Scott, 44, was arrested by Bremerton Police in a sex sting at a local hotel in the early morning hours of March 16. Then Naval Base Kitsap’s highest enlisted man, Scott had been chatting online with an undercover detective posing as a mother of twin children for at least a month, according to court documents.

He’d planned to perform sex acts with the “mother” and the children, court documents say, and was found with condoms when he showed up at the hotel.

Following a guilty plea to attempted rape and immoral communication with a minor, Kitsap County Prosecutors recommended a 90-month sentence while Scott’s attorney, Eric Fong, recommended he receive treatment and a lighter jail sentence.

According to the pre-sentencing investigation prepared by the state’s Department of Corrections, officials recommended he receive treatment alternatives and about 9 months’ jail time in lieu of the 90-month sentence.

Among those who spoke:

*Eric Fong, Scott’s attorney, argued that if anyone is deserving of treatment over straight incarceration, it is Scott.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever had a client that has more to lose,” Fong said.

*Robin Scott, Edward Scott’s wife of 24 years, mustered the courage to speak before Costello.

“I know he has a problem, but he’s not a monster as he’s being portrayed,” Robin Scott said.

In prison, she said, he’ll “mentally and physically deteriorate everyday,” and outside of incarceration, he’ll have “support from his family and friends.”

“Even though I’ve been hurt in a way I could never imagine,” she said, “I want to see him get help.”

53 thoughts on “With Sentencing Over, What Next for Former Chief?

  1. Personally, I still don’t believe nine months is enough of a punishment. As for his retirement, which again, I don’t believe he deserves a dime, but that’s the rules of the Navy…felony or not, he still gets his paycheck. There has been too maybe rumors floating throughout the Navy community as to what has happened to Scott’s future in the Navy. Some say he has already retired with full benefits as an E9 and others have said he has been “kicked” out. Maybe we’ll never know, but at least we know our children are safe for a few months from at least one pedophile.
    Thank you Josh for always keeping us updated.

  2. CMC Spouse, I’m sure your husband can find out what Ed’s retirement fate was. I would say retired as E9 with full benefits. At least he has to pay his attorney and that should sting for awhile.

  3. The reports are that Scott has been in an Unauthorized Absence status since he was arrested. Regardless, I still pray that he is reduced to squat, and put out on the street without ANY benefits/pension for life. Anything short of that makes those of us that retired HONORABLY seem like a joke.
    The point of the matter is that in 6 months(because he is getting credit for time served) he’ll be back in society. I do not accept that one day we wake up and think that it would be “neato” to have sex with children. ANYONE who would think, communicate, or contemplate having sex with a child, well, needs to serve more than 9 months and treatment. I refuse to believe that Scott woke up one morning and starting thinking about having sex with children…NO, this chat room “fetish” has been going on for years and has been ignored and/or someone is in denial. He got caught and has played the system to his advantage. But let’s go a little further…
    What will family gatherings be like? What will happen when Ed’s son has his first child, and cannot share in the joy with his dad? And then it appears that Robin is standing by him through this, and if she is, Scott better be on his knees 24/7 thanking the Good Lord above. He will never be able to make this right by her or re- earn her trust. He has violated everything that a marriage is made of, and then some. I pray that he is ashamed of himself.
    I will be interested to see just how the Navy handles this one. ANYTHING short of a Dishonorable Discharge will only promote more of this kind of behavior. And our society today has too many problems to keep adding to them.

  4. I have been folliwing this blog since this case began. What I don’t understand is why most of the people who respond are so concerned about Ed’s retirement status? Are any of the civillian retirement funds jeopardized due to law infractions? Just curious.

  5. How many times has Master Chief Scott performed these acts before? Am I to believe that during his deployments abroad where this kind of sick behavior can be purchased he acted like a choir boy? I think not. He deserves nothing less than a dishonorable discharge. I have seen young sailors commit far less offenses and lose all of their military benefits. I feel as if the justice system has let us down once again. Lets hope the Navy takes the right action and gives Master Chief Scott what he deserves; Reduction in rate to E-1 and a dishonorable discharge.

  6. Mark doll to answer your question it is a matter of HONOR.COURAGE,and COMMITTMENT!! People in the navy have and will always be held to a higher standard due to the nature of the service to the united states and old friend and goatlocker reflect the overall integrity of the naval service by not condoning such a ugly act by one of it’s own, and like them i have hope that the navy will do the right thing and not disgrace those men and women that have served with honor and integrity! navyretired2

  7. Goat Locker (Sea Lawyer), we don’t know how many times MCPO Scott performed these acts because 1) you would have to prove he did and 2) he did not perform an act this time. Why would you believe he acted in any manner other than a normal person while overseas, you have no evidence other than your opinion. What is justice for a person with sick perverted thoughts but never saw, talked to, or had any physical contact with his alleged victim. Forget about reoffending he hasn’t offended yet!

  8. If you think Scott should lose his retirement benefits then let the Navy know your feelings. The Navy Region Northwest has a one page website that includes a phone number, e-mail address and regular mail address for waste, fraud and abuse issues. The website is: https://www.cnrnw.navy.mil/fraudhotline/fraudhotline.htm

    Remember, the Navy for works for the U.S. taxpayer, not the other way around.

    For Mark D.: The answer to your question is simple. We, the taxpayer, pay for military retirements. Civilian retirement accounts are owned by the retiree and company (i.e. Ford, Coke, etc.)

    Additionally, military personnel are (and should be) held to a higher standard than your average citizen.

    Personally, as a retired Chief, I think Scott should serve his time, face punishment from the Navy for his service related crimes (computer violations and any other UCMJ article that fits) and then sent on his way with a Bad Conduct Discharge.

  9. Retired Navy, I bet you voted for Clinton as well. The reason he did not offend is because (Thank God) he had been chatting with an undercover police officer and not the mother of the 12 year old he intended to have sex with. Open your eyes man, he was caught with boxes of condoms. If that is not intent than I guess OJ is innocent too. Mr. Scott ( I refuse to acknowledge him as a Master Chief) is a disgrace to the United States Navy and a disgrace to all the men and women who serve this great country.

  10. Retired Navy,
    Your comments make me wonder about you. How disgusting! And I am sure many would agree with me on this one. The fact that he was turned on by the idea and the fact that he SHOWED UP to commit the crime is MORE THAN ENOUGH evidence. He didn’t get to actually commit the act, and yes, the characters in this play were fictional, except for Scott. He had EVERY INTENTION of doing it. Goatlocker speculated, tis true, but he is not far from the mark. I know for a fact that many sailors use young prostitutes in other countries so it is not too far fetched to think that Scott took advantage of the opportunities while he was overseas. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, but his recent actions tell a completely different story. The fact that he even thought about it would make anyone naturally speculate and question what he has been doing all along.

    My husband was constantly bombarded with temptations by other guys from his boats whenever they pulled into ports…he chose to decline while they went off and did who knows what to who knows who! So quit playing the innocent bullcrap that we all, especially retired navy guys knows happens!

  11. Nine months seems a very light sentence for what was a very serious crime. I think the Judge was very generous with Mr. Scott and I hope that he takes his treatment seriously. He was charged with attempted rape and immoral communication with a minor – it is important to remember that we are talking about the victimization of children here.

  12. Kris you stated “I know for a fact that many sailors use young prostitutes in other countries so it is not too far fetched to think that Scott” My question is how do you know this fact. I am retired navy and I personally never saw this kind of behavior.

  13. I am really leary of the sucess of treatment. I personally think anyone twisted enough to even think of having sex with kids is beyond repair

  14. Goat Locker I agree with you he did not offend! Kris, I don’t agree with what MC Scott intended to do. I had many port calls with MC Scott and never did he display any of this behavior. (He is egotistical and suffered from the Good Ol Boy system, but not the behavior he is in trouble for) I applaud your husband ain’t easy for a long career to NEVER get caught up in extra curricular activities overseas. That never bothered me like it does you cause I always figured that it wasn’t my business and unless I personally saw the activity then it was just an accusation or rumor. Plus, those Navy members (men or women) most likely were doing what their spouse was doing at home.

  15. Retired Navy,
    He may never have displayed this kind of behavior blatantly, but it may have very well been there. But, because I was not there, and because he was never known to have solicited child sex in the past, it will remain to be a secret if he did. Even if this was the impulse of the moment, it was sick. Just because a a guy or gal is doing this at sea, it does not mean that the spouse is. It does not justify the behavior on either side. I aplogize for my attack on you. I just get angry when people use the “he never committed the crime” or “There were no children” comments. The point is, he thought there were and he blatantly pursued it, on a workday, from his work computer, knowin full well what he was doing was wrong. He was so sure of his position in the Navy, that if he got caught, he probably thought that he would get off easy.

  16. It looks like Ed Scott got spanked pretty hard for having a fantasy with a phantom. I feel for him and his family. It seems that we have forgotten the School teacher who actually had sex with a 12 year old and what did she get? 6 months and told to be good. Then she wasn’t good and had a baby with this boy. Ed Scott did not have sex with this woman or any kid. He had an on line fantasy that has cost him his life. From what I have seen in the papers, it is ok for a woman to actually do this, and not ok for a man to even think of doing this. What that school teacher did was deplorable! She should have been put away for life. But no, she was handled with kid gloves and as soon as she could, she was back at it, making sure she was pregnant. Ed Scott had no contact, never used the condoms, was lured into a setup and screwed. The undercover people are targeting the wrong people. They need to get the ones who are really doing this crime.

  17. This is for cdwh. So 9 months is a light sentence for chatting on line with a phantom? I guess the 6 months Mary Kay got for raping a 12 year old must be outrageous. It has to be. Then she did it again. And it was ok. Because she wasn’t a man. This is my personal opinion, women seem to be able to do this kind of stuff, men can’t even think about it. The women who have commented on this seem to have overlooked this news story and are focused on Ed. So as it looks now, women can rape young boys and get off lightly, men get convicted of thinking of having sex with anyone. Any thoughts?

  18. Retired92: Read your comments again slowly:

    “Ed Scott had no contact, never used the condoms, was lured into a setup and screwed. The undercover people are targeting the wrong people. They need to get the ones who are really doing this crime.”

    The police are targeting people who are searching for this type of pleasure. Scott was not lured into this; he thought he had found the perfect team to fulfill his desires. So instead of making excuses for Scott, why don’t you thank the police, NCIS and Navy IT people for discovering this nut, capturing him and putting him away?

    Hopefully, he was the only person in the world searching for a “mom and kids” sex scenario, but I doubt it. Despite his capture, there are probably 10, 50, 100 or more people that actually play out these crimes.

    Retired92, are you saying that if Scott had actually made contact with a real mom and kids that morning (like he thought he was), that his sense of decency and his Navy “Honor, Courage and Commitment” would have suddenly kicked in and he would have ran away? Yeah right!

    As far as Mary Kay Letourneau, she did 6 years and that should have been longer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Kay_Letourneau .

  19. Mary Kay spent years in in prison . What she did was wrong. She did not get an alternative sentence I do not know if she was offered one. Old news with a very different ending. I wonder how many sex offenders that successfully complete treatment re-offend in comparison to those that did not receive treatment. I believe the system is now monitoring offenders after their release more diligently than ever before. Washington has some of the toughest laws in the country concerning sex offenders.

  20. retired 92
    mary kay got 7 years and served them. scott had every intention of committing this horrific crime and even said so himself. what part of this don’t you understand? it’s all about intent. his intentions were disgustingly clear. scott should be happy to know he’s got a good ol boy like you in his corner. hes gonna need that.

  21. Retired92,
    I agree with you to a point and I am a female. Mary Kate did get slapped on the hand. In addition she and her child groom received money for her actions through book deals and two movies. Neither of which I would have given a dime to read or watch. (MK Letourneau spent 7.5 years in jail when she violated her probation after the judge ordered her to stay away from Vili.) What I would like to know Retired92 is how can you blame the cops for doing their job in protecting our children from a pedophile such as Ed? Did the UC hold a gun to his head and force him to show up to the hotel with condoms and have the intent to have sex with a minor? I thank God that Ed was caught by our fine police department. If it wasn’t for the police Lord knows how many children he would have raped. Will a few months of jail time and therapy protect our children from him once he is free to do whatever he wants? At least for the time being and thanks to the police department our children are safe from at least one pedophile.

  22. Ed Scott did more than have an online “fantasy” life; he wanted it to become reality with a woman and her minor children. Nor was he “lured into a setup and screwed.” He KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY prepared to have his “fantasy” become a reality. The reality is that what he wanted is against the law and repulsive to the majority of us.

  23. Retired92,
    Let me pose this question…let’s say, I decide I want to blow up the Space Needle along with everyone in and around it. I drive up to the Needle, stop for a second and think about my actions. I decide, never mind, I’m not going to do it. I get stopped and by chance the cop decides to search my car…he finds the explosives…despite my change of heart, should I go to prison for attempted terrorism? Even though I didn’t commit the crime?

    The plain and simple truth here is, this man committed a crime…his first was to use his Navy computer, the computer whereupon every time he opened it up, he agreed to follow the contract…he not only broke the rules, he solicited a “mother” for sex with “her AND her two children”. A CRIME…Despite the fact that this was a fictional character, HE DID NOT KNOW THAT! HE INTENDED TO COMMIT A CRIME.

    Fantasy is just that, FANTASY…following through makes it REALITY. The ONLY difference here is, he did not get a chance to fulfill his SICK Fantasy…THANK GOD!

    Mary Kay went to prison…yes, she was given a second chance…yes, women do tend to get off easier (especially if they are attractive) when it comes to sex crimes and I agree…it IS a double standard and IT IS WRONG! No female or male teacher would ever walk out of a courtroom alive if that were my kid! But, her wrongs, and the justice systems’ wrongs do not make what Scott did okay.

    My question is, HOW ON EARTH can you feel for this slime ball? HE did this to HIMSELF…not that many months before another guy got caught (in a sting on travel in Washington DC) and HE thought he was going to have sex with a 13 year old, he was in the Navy and he used his Navy Photo so “she” could identify him and he is now serving time…his name is Arntt! AND I believe he is serving more time than Scott. He solicited a 13 year old and Scott solicited sex with a woman and her TWO children How is it he gets less time than Arntt?

    Needless to say, with those risks of getting caught, he SHOULD have known better. He SHOULD be in jail for the mere stupidity of his DARWINIAN award behavior.

    There are plenty of guys on line looking to commit the same crimes and they will be able to follow through because they will be real people…that is what these stings are all about. These are real guys, with real fantasies, about real children…and if Scott had thought for one second that this was a sting, he never would have showed up…showing up makes him as guilty of the crime as much as if he had been able to follow through because that is what he intended to do! You can play semantics all day long. But, it is not going to fly…not in this day and age. Scott deserves to have his anchors removed and to be dishonorably discharged. I have seen guys get kicked out for much less and it disgusts me.

    I hope to God he does not get his full retirement. that WOULD be a travesty!

  24. Retired 92, I hear you. Mary Kay only got time after she screwed up her probation. She raped a minor (I believe 6th grader that would be 11 years old–younger than the phantom twins in the Ed Scott case)repeatedly, she preyed upon him.
    Ed is a sicko, but he did not commit the crime of rape or attempted rape, he is guilty of improper thoughts and communication with a phantom mother and children.
    If I told someone I was going to rob a bank, had a gun in my pocket (legally) and walked into a bank and was arrested at the lobby. I would not be arrested for attempted robbery without attempting to rob the bank . Ed walked into a hotel for what we hypothetically believe to be a chance to get with a mom and her kids in a perverted way. When this over Ed Scott should hire an attorney and sue the tail off of the Bremerton Police for entrapment and defamation of character. Had we done this the Navy way and took him immediately to court martial for the crimes he did commit this blog would be long over. The Navy would have appropriately busted him at court martial and sent him to treatment. Plus he probably would have done brig/prison time.

  25. Thank you all for your comments, but it looks like I have to clarify my thoughts. First off, I have never been nor will I ever be a part of the good ole boys club. I have managed to succeed in life just fine without that influence. Second, I agree that what Ed Scott wanted to do is very wrong. Period! Thirdly, I do applaud the police and all of the other folks involved in getting him to justice! I think they are doing a great job and hope they find more just like him, BEFORE they commit the act. I feel more for his family and friends than I do him. I feel for him because this is so wrong and like Kris said, very stupid. I think jail time for stupidity and arrogance is more than appropriate. I feel for him because I don’t know why he would do something like this, it is so wrong and very out of character for a CMC to even think about this kind of thing. I don’t think we’ll ever know the whys behind his actions. If he truly is a stand up kind of guy, when He gets out, he will never even come close to a situation like this ever again. Time will tell. My other frustration is with the justice system. Kris pointed out the problem. There is a difference between attempted and actual. The penalties should reflect that. Attempted anything should get less than an actual crime. Mary Kay got probation for rape of a child. Ed was looking at 7 years for attempted rape. See the difference? Look it up on the internet. There are too many examples of people getting more than they should or less than they should depending on the crime. Mary Kay finally forced the courts hand and got her seven years, which I think was too little too late. She raped a CHILD! A 6th grader! She got a slap on the hand. Ed talked dirty to a computer icon. He was looking at the same jail time right off the bat. Both crimes are wrong and should be dealt with accordingly. But the punishment should fit the crime and be equal across the board for all who attempt or commit. I think we all agree that what he did was stupid and wrong and something needs to be done to him. It looks like the court has decided on a path to take and we must respect that. AS far as what the Navy will do, I don’t think we will ever know that either. Thanks again for letting me vent here and I hope I got my thoughts across.

  26. Ed and Mary Kay? Apples and oranges. Different decades, different laws, so please stop trying to compare the cases.

  27. R92,
    Thank you for the clarification…much better and more understandable where you are coming from.

    WHAT defamation of Character?!? No one tied Scott up and made him go to that hotel…he ADMITTED what he was about to do. He walked into a trap, yes, I will give you that. But, NO ONE defamed his “character”. He did that himself! For the judgments he has most likely passed on others for much lesser crimes, he deserves whatever he gets. He definitely DOES NOT deserve the retirement that he is probably getting.

    By the way, Mary Kay did not make any money from any movies! That was part of the judgment when she was sent to jail. She was not allowed to receive ANY royalties from any movies that were made about her.
    Last I heard, her and Billy are now married.

    As for the kid, he DID receive royalties. He and his mom spent it already.

    Mary Kay will continue to have to live with the consequences of her actions from this point on. Funny though how her story has kind of just disappeared and we never hear about them any more.

    This story will soon be history and no one will care what happens to Scott.
    He DOES need help…if what he did was just to get back at his wife (she must have done something pretty darned heinous to deserve this) and he had no real intention of following through, then he needs to get communication and marriage counseling…if he did intend to follow through, then he needs to be watched for the rest of his life. Either way, he sealed his own fate and he has NO ONE to blame but himself for HIS behavior.
    I am with you on the court martial though!

    There is no court on earth that will award him any money for defamation of character.

    Heck, if we (my husband and I) had a dime for every time a jerk tried to defame my husband whilst he was in the Navy, we would be pretty darned wealthy by now. Entrapped? Maybe. DEFAMED? Puhleeeeeeze!

    PS: I had a CO (whom I absolutely loved) that would constantly remind the troops that “Life isn’t fair”…but it always seemed like that applied only to the good guys. Well, you know what? Life ISN’T fair…and it’s about time that those who make it unfair paid the price. And, it would seem that Scott is doing just that!

  28. Kris, not a single person has responded on this blog in favor of what Ed Scott did. It does not matter if someone admits guilt, our prosecutors and court system must prove that admission of guilt.

    Caught in a hotel lobby, attempted rape, no way. Idiot, pervert, scum—-Yes. Guilty of numerous violations of the UCMJ, NOT GUILTY of ATTEMPTED CHILD RAPE of non existing people. Ed Scott should be punished and jailed or brigged for the crimes he did commit. Not for a crime he could not physically commit, attempted rape!

  29. To all that continue to try to justify scott’s actions or the sentence that he received that i believe was weak!! he committed a very serious crime and i don’t believe or will ever believe that his conduct requires treatment. He was fully aware of what he was doing and deserves no less than a long prison sentence. One last comment if the navy does not send him to court martial then i for one will have lost faith in our navy, just for the fact that sailors with less horrible transgressions than him are serving time for their crimes.I for one being a taxpayer am tired of criminals creating and causing trouble for law abiding citizens and then we are forced to pay more for treatment and other causes,it is time these criminals account for their own actions and stay out of my wallet. He is a scourge on society and he better not forget to register!!!!


  30. As posted before and though I totally disagree with the fact that Scott will probably receive a retirement from the Navy, the Hiss Act states (in part), “…military service-members are dropped from retirement rolls ONLY when convicted for national security violations…” In addition, he hit the 20 year mark of service and that alone gives him a huge leg up of receiving his benefits. What gives me some hope that the Navy is waiting to do their role/punishment in all of this, is the fact that he hasn’t been receiving his pay and has been UA since his arrest. Maybe we can hope that once he is released from jail, he’ll be picked up by the military for being UA/AWOL. Scott has been quoted saying he hopes he’ll retire as an E7. I wonder what two charges he has been toying with? (One charge per reduction in rank.)

  31. Now that it is all over and done with, it doesn’t matter at this point what we think. I can only hope and pray that Scott learned his lesson and that he is a productive and HUMBLE human being from this point on.

    I would say he has and is reaping what he sowed by completely and utterly ruining his reputation and his family life. Although it sounds to me that the family life was pretty much on the skids to begin with to feel that he had to go through such measures to “get back at his wife”.

    If Scott truly did say he hopes he gets to retire an E-7, he hasn’t learned anything. Someone truly sorry for his deeds would have expected much less. He’s lucky he gets to retire at all.

  32. Kris,
    Ed Scott’s court martial is scheduled for 23 July 2007. I guess we’ll (hopefully) hear how much the Navy tolerates this type of behavior.

  33. I hope so CMC Spouse…I hope so. If they give him anything more than E-6 pay, it will set a precedence that will ruin the Navy…as far as I am concerned. He abused his position of authority and the trust of his shipmates on so many levels. He deserves nothing less than to be demoted to a level less than what his JR. Enlisted are. But, that’s just me. We shall see if justice is truly served in this case.

  34. CMC Spouse: Thanks for that information. I hope the officials on the board of the court martial do the right thing; I’d hate to see just a slap on the wrist.

  35. What everyone needs to remember is that the Navy is only able to charge him with the misuse of the computer and the UA, since they know where he is he “probably” won’t be charged with being a deserter (over 30 days UA). Since he is being taken to courts-martial and not Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP) he can be taken from E-9 to E-1 regardless of how many charges or specifications he’s being “accused” of. CO’s can only reduce one paygrade per NJP (CAPT MAST) not per charge, but an E-7 or above can not be reduced in rate at an NJP. So depending on how “serious” the President of the Courts-Martial sees the charges will depend on if, or how, many paygrades Mr. Scott is reduced. I agree that what he did is worse than horrible, but since the courts-martial won’t be able to bring up the civilian charges, nor what his intent was when he was using the computer inappropriately, because of double jeopardy, he may end up getting off a lot lighter than anyone here (myself included) wants him to.

    Remember all those officers in the past who were allowed to either resign their commission and/or retire for the good of the government. Ed Scott will probably be afforded the same opportunity.

    Someone said it earlier about contacting his Skipper and voicing your thoughts, but unfortunately, his Skipper has nothing to do with the Courts-Martial.

    He may be called as a witness, and will be asked about the man’s character and his performance as the CMC of his command, but he has no power in the outcome of the trial. At a minimum the courts-martial will consist of a 3 member board, a board of his peers with at least 1 officer acting as the senior member and the convening authority acting as the “judge” (but not called that).

    Depending on what type of courts-martial they are holding, Summary, Special or General will also determine the type of punishment that the board can hand down.

    There are way too many factors that will allow Ed Scott to get a light sentence, and to retain his retirement.

    Remember that Ed Scott falls under the High-3 retirement plan, his retirement is determined by the 3 years that he earned the “highest” amount. So even if he is allowed to retire and he’s reduced in rate to an E1, he’s still getting his retirement configured by the 3 years he earned the highest amount. Those would be the past 3 years he received pay as an E9. Either way, he’s coming out ahead of the game.

    Don’t you wish you didn’t know.

  36. Josh Farley…please update us with the results of the Courts Martial, if possible. CMC Spouse, thank you for providing the date of the CM. I can only pray that Scott loses everything, and is Dishonorably Discharged. After all, he has no honor.

  37. CMC Spouse is providing bad information, I can only assume the info provided is based on what CMC Spouse has heard. But none the less, it is all rumor and speculation.

    And yes, I do know the correct information, but choose to not disclose to you especially with how closed minded many of you have been on this blog. I realize my views may not be popular in regards to this particular subject, but many of you are way off the mark. Speculation and rumor only causes more problems.

    Ed Scott is serving his punishment, and I know the family will deal with this for a long time to come.

  38. LT,
    Regardless of what is being speculated at this point, there is nothing we can do about it. However, what happened thus far is not speculation and what Scott did was (I believe) a federal offense. If that had been a Jr. Enlisted guy, he would have already been processed out. The Navy rules and regs are biased and have worked for and against those who were considered “desirable” and “undesirable”. It’s all about the collar device.

    Regardless of Scott’s previous reputation, as we all know “one aw poop will ruin 100 ata-boys.”

    My only hope is is that Scott learned something from this (if he truly was trying to “get back at his wife”). But as we are well aware, anyone who fantasized about children, eventually follows through on those fantasies. And those that follow through usually end up ruining more than just one life which is exactly what he did!

  39. LT, would you care to explain how anyone has been closed minded? Do you have any children? Do you worry about the whackos that are out in our society today?
    The people of this great country should not have to pay taxes for someone in a position of Authority to be surfing the web looking to fulfill their fantasies. That is exactly what happened while he was chatting with the undercover agent. (He) violated the UCMJ in SO many ways, violated the protocol of the CMC office, and made a mockery of the CPO community.
    HOW can you say that anyone has been closed minded? And, by the way, I am not a part of the CPO community.
    To LN1, thank you for your input. A lot of that is what I recall from my days on active duty, but there have been some changes since I retired.
    Please keep us close minded folks posted as the CM approached.

  40. To an Old Friend,

    First I just stated the FACT that what is currently being said “court martial on 23 July” is a rumor and is in fact completely wrong!

    Second, yes I do have children, as a matter of fact, I have multiples, and one of them is a girl. Yes, I am concerned for their safety and do not agree with what Ed did. However, I do continue to support Ed, he has been a part of my life for years. And he will remain a part of my life.

    You do state an opinion to which I agree, I do not want to pay taxes for someone to surf the net. I also do not want to pay taxes for many other things, but my tax dollars are being spent in ways that I do not agree. Which is why I have the right to voice my opinion to my elected officials.

    I had a feeling many of you, would jump on what I had to say because we have not agreed in the past. Which is why I made a statement about several of you being closed minded. All along, I have simply maintained that what is printed and is being said is not always accurate. Along with my continued support for Ed and getting him help. Which has resulted in bashing on my character. WHY? because I made a statement which you do not agree, that is close minded.

    Kris, what has happened in the past, what he admitted guilt to is not in speculation, but the rumor of his pending court martial is all speculation.

  41. LT,
    Everyone deserves forgiveness if they ask for it, but that does not wipe out the consequences. He HAD to know what the consequences of his actions were going to be if he got caught. Was he THAT sure of his position that he actually thought he would never get caught or be punished? If either is the case, then that would be a reflection on the Master Chief Community and how they operate…
    unfortunately it is a stain on the whole Navy community and Scott has only himself to blame or thank for it.

    If this guy gets off with less than a bust down to below chief, it will set a precedent for the rest who commit the same kind of crime or less and will set the military up for some major lawsuits brought on by those who committed lesser crimes and were kicked out with no retirement and no benefits.

  42. Relax there LT.
    That’s great that you are defending your good friend, but let me ask you this: Would you let Scott babysit your daughter? Do you really think this was an one time deal and the thoughts and desires will never surface again?

  43. LT, first of all, not one person has bashed your character, as I have just gone back and read all of the comments. I would think that perhaps you might hold your close friends up to a higher standard than what Ed has shown. But I could be wrong.
    I don’t know about the others that have posted on this blog. My family and the Scott’s were once close friends. And with friendship comes Trust & Respect. Trust and respect are two of the basics in friendship and marriage. What Ed Scott has done is violated any trust and/or respect that we had for them, and he just decimated any respect / trust in his marriage.
    So, I will pose CMC Spouse’s question to you. Would you honestly leave your daughter–or son for that matter–alone with Ed for any length of time? If you answer that question with a Yes, your parenting skills need to be reevaluated. If you answered No, then you’re not the friend that you say that you are.
    Morals, values, ethics, trust, respect are all things that have been horribly violated here. While Ed has been known to be arrogant and above reproach, I would say that there were many things he has been hiding. And I am confident to say that if he did it once, chances are he will do it again.
    So, LT, you can stand by him if you wish. However, I would strongly advise you to be very cautious!

  44. This whole story brings to light that there are most likely more people in trusted positions ( more than I thought) that may really be predators. I can only imagine what his wife of many years felt when this all came out. What does it matter when this guy will be court martialed. The part of our tax dollars being spent on surfing the net! It happens everyday involving more Government workers that most would think. Has anyone noticed the rise in teachers being busted for sex offenses. That is really scary since they work directly with kids everyday. The list is long. This just goes to show that someone could think they knew someone so well and really were clueless. I am sure Scott’s wife is still in shock. I still do not believe any counseling will cure a pedophile.

  45. “Old Friend”

    You said no one has bashed LT’s character yet you don’t hesitate to slam him when you can. You have given him a NO-WIN scenario. In your mind he is no better than Ed since he chooses to stand by him as a TRUE friend who is willing to help him in need. Put me in the same category. Go ahead and look back at my posts as well but be sure you take off the tunnel vision glasses and truly get my position. As a TRUE friend I will stand by him to help him, that does not mean I condone the behavior, nor do I believe this has happened before. I unlike some others are willing to give people another chance to make things right, but you only get one chance.

  46. Old Friend, yes, my character has been attacked, not on this particular thread, but on others because I continue to support Ed. One comment even talked about how my character was in question because I have not turned my back on him.
    You even question my parenting skills, yet you have never met me, or if you are as close a friend as you claim, maybe we have crossed paths. But nonetheless, questioning my parenting skills based on my support of Ed?
    As for leaving my children with Ed, if I did, I would be committing a felony in the state of Washington. But the real question should be ‘do I think he would harm my children?’ The answer is no.
    You are correct, morals, value, ethic, trust and respect have been violated. He has hurt his wife, and family, not to mention what he has done to his friends and the Navy. Will he do it again, time will tell. Will I be guarded around him? you bet. Has he done this before, if he had, evidence would have been presented showing such behavior.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not support what he did, I am however in support of him getting help. I do believe he should feel lucky he got the punishment he did.

  47. LT, if you go back and re-read the question, then you would understand my statement. Yes, anyone leaving their children with him would definitely be grounds to re-evaluate parenting skills. It is a rhetorical question.
    SCPO, tunnel vision, not quite. Ed has always had an air of arrogance and something being hidden. At least I have always felt that way. You can certainly stand by him, that’s your choice. But as you choose to stand by him, it is my choice not to stand by him.

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