With Sentencing Over, What Next for Former Chief?

A judge sentenced Naval Base Kitsap’s former command master chief to a sex offender treatment alternative this morning in Kitsap County Superior Court.

But what next for Edward E. Scott?

What about all of the comments on this blog about his military retirement? And how long will a rigorous sex offender treatment program take?

Court documents indicate Scott thinks he’ll get a retirement as an “E7” or as chief petty officer.

A Navy spokesman also told me today Scott is currently on “unauthorized absentee status without pay.” He was taking home about $6,000 a month as the command master chief, he told corrections officials in court documents.

His sex offender treatment plan should take about three years, according to court documents. With his 9-month sentence, he’ll be out about December (with credit for time served).

Here’s some tidbits and the rest of today’s sentencing story:

Judge Leonard Costello deliberated between a 90-month prison sentence and a 9-month jail stay with treatment for Edward E. Scott, the local Navy’s highest enlisted man, arrested in March in an internet sex sting by police.

Costello called Scott an “appropriate candidate,” for the special sex offender sentencing alternative, or SSOSA, but warned him: “I have no difficulty in revoking in (it) without hesitation.”

Earlier, Scott had told the Costello, with Scott’s family and friends in the courtroom, that he was “truly sorry,” for his role in attempting to meet with what he thought was a mother and her twin children for sex.

“The shame that I have experienced through this whole thing fails drastically to the pain and anguished I have caused my family,” Scott said. ” … I am very truly sorry.”

*Kevin Hull, Kitsap County deputy prosecuting attorney, said it was a “difficult decision,” to recommend a 90-month term, but that it was necessary for the sake of the community.

“Our community has an interest in people who take deviant sexual desires outside of the home, beyond the computer, beyond the internet,” he said. “He made the decision to take that desire outside of the home.”

Scott, 44, was arrested by Bremerton Police in a sex sting at a local hotel in the early morning hours of March 16. Then Naval Base Kitsap’s highest enlisted man, Scott had been chatting online with an undercover detective posing as a mother of twin children for at least a month, according to court documents.

He’d planned to perform sex acts with the “mother” and the children, court documents say, and was found with condoms when he showed up at the hotel.

Following a guilty plea to attempted rape and immoral communication with a minor, Kitsap County Prosecutors recommended a 90-month sentence while Scott’s attorney, Eric Fong, recommended he receive treatment and a lighter jail sentence.

According to the pre-sentencing investigation prepared by the state’s Department of Corrections, officials recommended he receive treatment alternatives and about 9 months’ jail time in lieu of the 90-month sentence.

Among those who spoke:

*Eric Fong, Scott’s attorney, argued that if anyone is deserving of treatment over straight incarceration, it is Scott.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever had a client that has more to lose,” Fong said.

*Robin Scott, Edward Scott’s wife of 24 years, mustered the courage to speak before Costello.

“I know he has a problem, but he’s not a monster as he’s being portrayed,” Robin Scott said.

In prison, she said, he’ll “mentally and physically deteriorate everyday,” and outside of incarceration, he’ll have “support from his family and friends.”

“Even though I’ve been hurt in a way I could never imagine,” she said, “I want to see him get help.”

53 thoughts on “With Sentencing Over, What Next for Former Chief?

  1. I’m an old shipmate of Ed Scott and just learned of his activities. 🙁 I’ve read all of the interesting blogs. What is his status with the Navy?? Someone shed some light on this!!!!!

  2. He didn’t actually do what he planned to but was treated as if he did.

    From the Seattle PI:
    Seattle attorney found guilty of soliciting sex from girl, 14

    A Seattle attorney has been found guilty of soliciting sex from a minor and traveling to Portland to carry out the act.

    William B. Knowles, 53, was convicted in U.S. District Court in Portland Friday of enticement and coercion of a minor and travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, according to a Department of Justice news release.

    In June 2004, Knowles chatted with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old girl from Portland, but who was actually an undercover FBI agent, according to the release. In July of that year, Knowles flew to Portland and rented a car and a hotel room with a plan to have sex with the person he met online.

    When he arrived at a train station to meet the girl, he was arrested by FBI agents.

    Knowles faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and a possible maximum sentence of 30 years.

    “We hope this case sends a strong message to those who troll the Internet to prey on children for their own sexual gratification,” U.S. Attorney Karin Immergut said in the news release.

    “We will pursue such predators and hopefully catch them before they have a chance to ensnare a child.”

  3. Come on CMC Spouse, old friend, LT, what is going on with this guy and court martial?? Especially CMC spouse you of all should have the inside scoop!!!!

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