No Sally Port for You

In a story on today, you may have read about the troubles the Bainbridge Island Police Department is having in securing a functional, “ant-free” station.

Sure, they’ve got a $600,000+ police boat (at right, with deputy chief Mark Duncan at the helm), but what about a sally port?

We have a few of these ports in the county — the jail, juvenile detention center and Bremerton police station — which provide a locked space between two areas.

Matt Haney, Bainbridge’s Police chief, is concerned when suspects on the island — which as the population grows are also becoming more numerous — are brought “downtown.” Winslow, far from Port Orchard, can also serve as a place to process suspects for DUI and other crimes rather driving you-know-how-far to Port Orchard.

But now, with the possibility of a Bainbridge criminal justice center combining the cops and courts — located where their current police station is — the sally port may not work out.

Let’s not forget that Bainbridge holds its muni-court in a former storage facilty unit — thus the idea of a crime and justice facility is not so far fetched.

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