Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff fell on ice causing injury’

On Jan. 13, 2007, a Bremerton man was walking his dog outside his apartment when he slipped, fell on a patch of ice, and broke his wrist.

Lawyers on the man’s behalf have filed suit with the apartment complex’s owners as a result, stating in court documents filed May 31 that the “defendant had a duty to maintain its parking lot surface in a safe condition for its residents.”

“It was cold and unknown to Plaintiff, ice was present in the parking lot from water which had flowed from a(n) … Apartment downspout,” the lawsuit says.

It goes on:

“Defendant had a duty to maintain its parking lot surface in a safe condition for its residents. Defendant violated that duty by creating, maintaining or permitting a dangerous condition caused by the water flowing from the downspout and freezing in the parking lot.”

The plaintiff seeks “general and special damages,” attorneys fees, “pre-judgment interest,” and “for such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.”

2 thoughts on “Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff fell on ice causing injury’

  1. I’m sorry the gentleman fell while walking on black ice….but how could the apartment owner know about the black ice?

    Had people complained about the black ice on that spot and the complaint ignored?

    Does the apartment owner have a reputation of ignoring safety issues?

    Who would get sued if the gentleman had slipped on black ice walking on a city street or county road?

    ‘Black ice by definition is not easily seen.

    If the gentleman knew the conditions were icy, why didn’t he wear the ice traction devises worn over shoes or boots?

    Bremerton/Belfair’s own Steve Hunt invented a dandy ice traction devise and I take or wear mine anytime I’m out in freezing weather.

    Does common sense and personal responsibility ever play a part in the lifestyle of the current day citizen?
    Mother Nature doesn’t answer to anyone…especially to lawsuits.
    I hope the gentleman will be okay and the dog wasn’t hurt.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. All these people out to make a buck.

    Makes me wonder if all these individuals who are filing these petty personal injury lawsuits have the same attorney.

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