How to Watch your Block

Here are some handy tips if you’re looking to start your own block watch, as published in the Kitsap Sun from a previous story. I’ve added some updated info.

The Bremerton Police Department and the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office welcome residents who want to start a neighborhood or block watch programs in their own neck of the woods.

Officers and deputies with each department will help you organize a block watch meeting and can sometimes attend it as well. To start one, call Bremerton Community Resource Officer Andy Oakley at (360) 473-5231, or if you’re in the county, Deputy Pete Ball at (360) 337-7101.

If you’re in one of Kitsap’s other three cities — Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo or Port Orchard — send me a note and I’ll connect you with the right person.

Police advise these tips in maintaining a block watch program:

• Be on the lookout for unusual or suspicious behavior and alert police when necessary

• Write down descriptions of suspicious people and take down license numbers

of suspicious cars

• Tell trusted Neighbors when you’re going on vacation and give them a phone number in case of emergency

• With a neighbor’s vacation agreement, help deter signs of an empty home: mail and newspapers that pile up, trash cans or recycling left out.

• Attend block watch meetings and stay involved

• Call the community resource officer and find out about current crime trends

• Be “the eyes and ears of police,” and let them know of suspicious activity — but leave the crime-fighting to them

• Schedule social activities with Neighbors

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