Former Navy Chief’s Sentencing Delayed

Those curious about the fate of the criminal case involving Naval Base Kitsap’s former Command Master Chief will have to wait.

I spoke with Kitsap County Prosecutors this morning — when Edward E. Scott was supposed to be sentenced after pleading guilty to sex charges — and was told his next court hearing will now be June 11.

Scott has been the subject of much debate on this blog, after being arrested in the early morning hours of March 16 by Bremerton Police detectives.

As the Navy’s highest enlisted man in Kitsap, Scott admitted to chatting over the internet with what he thought was a mother of two children and agreeing to meet with them for sex.

He was actually chatting with an agent with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force — in conjunction with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service — and eventually pleaded guilty to attempted rape and communication with a minor for immoral purposes, both felonies.

And the reason for the delay in sentencing?

I’m told by prosecutors and Scott’s defense attorney, Eric Fong, that an exam known as the “psychosexual evaluation” has to be conducted, completed and handed to the judge prior to sentencing.

Also, a “PSI” or Preliminary Sentencing Investigation, will also be created by Department of Corrections officials, which will be based on the evaluation and Scott’s overall history. The judge will have that available, too.

While Scott has pleaded guilty, what punishment he receives is very much up in the air. Prosecutors have already said they they’ll recommend a 90-month sentence. Fong has said he’ll seek a Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, or “SSOSA,” which would include less jail time and treatment for Scott.

40 thoughts on “Former Navy Chief’s Sentencing Delayed

  1. I am still wondering what his status is. Is he a deserter or unauthorized absence? Either way, I am hoping they have at least stopped his pay. I am sure the tax payer’s can’t be happy that if he is still getting paid, he is double dipping. Tax dollars for his stay in the jail and tax dollars for the paycheck he has been drawing.

  2. Unfortunately Active Sailor, he is probably going to be getting his pay until he is actually sentenced. Not sure about that though.

    I feel for his poor family. What a horrible thing to have to endure. I am sure the CPO community is doing whatever they can to help the wife and his family gt through this incredibly horrific time.

  3. Well, that’s too bad that it had to be postponed.
    Could someone on Active Duty, who is not a sea lawyer, please confirm what E-9 Scott’s status with the Navy is? I believe that he should be listed as AWOL, or a Deserter, but either way his pay should have been suspended by now. And when will the Court Martial take place? Once the civil authorities have sentenced him, or when?
    My memory is a bit fuzzy from my active duty days.

  4. An Old Friend; Obviously I’m not AD, but my husband is and this is what he said (and this is a partial assumption) “…The day Ed Scott pleaded guilty to a felony was the last day of his military career which includes ALL pay and benefits. Prior to his guilty plea, he continued to draw his pay as long as he had leave on the books – 60 days max. He was never UA…”

  5. Alright, if the command followed the rules:

    He would have been put on leave the moment he was arrested and kept on leave until all his days where used up, while yes 60 days is the max, you can have over 60 days these days due to deployments etc.

    Once he burned through all his leave, his command should have put him on Administrative Leave which basically keeps him on the rolls of active duty, but discontinues his pay and allowances.

    The command most likely won’t answer any inquires as to the status, so chances are this E9 is still getting a paycheck for sitting in jail.

  6. SAILOR:
    That doesn’t make sense, “…if the Command followed the rules….chances are [Scott] is still getting a paycheck…” The moment he pleaded guilty to both felonies his life as a MCPO was over – all pay, benefits, etc. Though I wish it was true, for Mrs. Scott’s well being, but we’ve all had that conversation before.

  7. Somewhere in all of this mess, there is something missing. Being an E9, there will have to be some sort of formal Military proceeding to deal with this properly. Until a Court Martial, the ONLY way his pay can be suspended if is he is on Administrative Leave and his Leave has been used up by his sitting in jail.
    I do not believe that an E9 can be called into a Non Judicial Punishment (NJP) hearing, let alone an NJP for a Felony offense. I believe that all felonies go straight to a CM.
    And if I recall correctly, the only way that he will walk away from the military with nothing, is again for a Court Martial to convene and award him with a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharge. IF he is transferred to Fleet Reserve or Retired Status, then he will be paid until the day he dies. So is there anyone who can confirm this without assumptions?

  8. Okay, here are the bonafide facts…I got this from our legal officer where I work on base.

    He said that the day Scott is processed for the felony he will loose all of his benefits and he will not be able to draw retirement…the day he is convicted and sent to prison, (but, in the meantime he is drawing) will be the day the military will start discharge proceedings. In a nutshell, he will get absolutely nothing….neither will his poor family.

    I hope that answers everyone’s questions.

  9. So between now and June 11 Ed’s chain of command will be processing his chit for Fleet Reserve! Ya’ll don’t get it. He and his lawyer are still working the Navy over and looking for an out; and you thought OJ got away with it.

  10. Yet he sits in a jail cell and continues to draw a paycheck. He should be on administrative leave w/ no pay or allowances.

  11. Fleet Reserve???? You’ve got to be kidding RETIRED. Ed Scott will never have any connection with the military again. OJ, now that’s another story!

  12. Retired Navy,

    Comparing OJ and murder to Ed Scott and his “Intent to perform” an immoral act, not an actual act is absolutely ludicrous! You folks who are calling for his head need a reality check! The reason he plead guilty was because there was absolutely NO CHANCE for a fair trial. Thanks to the police department and the media reporting he was tried and convicted in the public opinion. And why should his punishment be any worse than the guy (a lawyer I believe) who was busted the same weekend for “attempting” to meet an underage girl in the Dairy Queen parking lot (another sting operation)? Because he was a Master Chief in the Navy and CMC? What happened to fairness in justice? Exactly how much does he and his family have to suffer? I can assure you that his family will live with this shame FOREVER! And he, rightly so, will live with it for the rest of his life.

    Now I am not in any way condoning what he did nor am I making excuses. But this “out for his head” mentality has to stop.

    What’s next? Stoning?

  13. Retired Navy,

    Your probably correct. His retirement date will be 10 June 2007 in order to make him eligible for all the pay and benefits.

    BTW…he if isn’t on administrative leave like he should be, after using up all his leave, he is probably still collecting his biweekly paychecks while sitting in jail.

  14. Retired Navy, those are my exact thoughts. Somewhere in all of this the E9 portion will come to save him, and you watch, he’s going to walk away from this with benefits.

  15. Anonymous…have you not paid attention to this at all. This person confessed to the charges. Last time I checked, a confession is an admission of guilt. There is only one reason for a guilty plea, and that is a PLEA BARGAIN! It has nothing to do with a chance at a fair trial. The confession took care of that, and it didn’t help with his changing his story several times upon being taken into custody. Now this along with the position of trust and authority, access to national security information as a CMC, and all that goes with the position and rank, just absolutely makes me sick. And then to destroy a 25 plus years of marriage for no good reason.
    Anonymous, how would you like to see this unfold?

  16. Though I respect your opinion SAILOR, I’m not sure what Navy or any military service you were in or are in, but a felony is a felony and Ed Scott most certainly is not receiving a paycheck from the Navy anymore. We all could wish he was so that Mrs. Scott could have it.
    ANONYMOUS, I have the same question that An Old Friend asked: What punishment do you think Scott should receive? Time served, full re-enstatement back into the military, and a slap on the hand for dipping into the cookie jar? I could careless if he was an E1, ENS,or a CMC, this man deserves everything he gets. We as society can only thank our local law enforcement for doing an outstanding job of catching this pedophile. Would you ever trust him with your children?

  17. Referring the question about the Court Martial, If the Civilian courts find him guilty and sentence him there isn’t really much they can do to him as far as a Court martial goes. You can’t try a person for the same crime twice, that’s double jeopardy. Although the man may be a sleaze, he still has rights.

  18. CMC Spouse,

    We are making the comments because some of us have seen the “good ole boys” network work it’s magic time and time again.

  19. I knew that my comments would bring out the “best” in some of you. You have assumed that I think he should get off “Scott” free. That is not the case. I do believe he should do jail time, not the maximum, it is after all a first offense, regardless of how disgusting the idea of the act he obviously at one time intended to commit was. I do believe he should get counseling, the numbers do show that a significant number of people who have entered these types of program are LESS LIKELY to re-offend versus more likely. I also believe that if he violated military rules in carrying on the online conversations (i.e. using government resources to do so) then he should be prosecuted under military rules. If not then he should be retired at a MUCH lower rank than E9 and summarily discharged with an Other Than Honorable, while most of his service may have been honorable it is obvious that the end was not. However I also believe that without a Court Martial, an E9 cannot be stripped of neither rank nor have his pay stopped just because of Felony charges (i.e. no conviction yet). Remember that while he has pleaded guilty, no final judgment has been made therefore the military cannot legally stop his pay or benefits. Only if he is UA (which more than likely is now), or has a final judgment against him, which will come on the 11th of June.

    Now for A “supposed” Old Friend, I have been paying attention and have read EVERYTHING about this case that is available. I have however remained silent because I knew that you, CMC Spouse, “A Sailor” and others would blast me and subsequently label me as someone who has no integrity (as you have others who have come to his defense) or would condone this behavior. Since you do not know me personally (maybe you do but don’t know it) then you cannot possibly know what my true feelings are.

    In all of your rage to see Ed Scott “PAY” for his misdeeds and supposed black eye on the Navy you have forgotten that Justice must be FAIR, without regard to any prejudices. To me that means even if he was in a position of power, he still deserves a fair sentence based on the law.

    As for a black eye on the reputation of the CPO community and the “Good Old Boy” network. For “A Sailor” I say SOUR GRAPES, based on your previous comments here and elsewhere you obviously have a problem with the CPO community as a whole. As far as I am concerned, as a Retired member of that community, you are just another unhappy, whining Sailor who hasn’t gotten what he (or she) thinks they deserve and refuses to get with the program.

    The moral of this story is participating in this blog topic as a supporter of the family and a true old friend is futile. I might as well stand next to him in the stoning pit.

  20. Sailor:
    Oh trust me, I believe you, but not in this case…we can only hope and pray.
    A year or so ago, an E7 walked off his ship on a duty day, got drunk, beat up his ex-wife (who had a RO), was arrested, and missed his ship’s movement because he was in jail. When he caught up with his ship (paid for by his command) he was given a page 13 and that was it. So, yes, I believe you, but again, this is to high-profile and Scott has pleaded guilty to a felony. I guess by the end of next month, we’ll all know if the “good ole boy” club did it’s “magic” or if true justice is served.

  21. Sailor,
    I know what you mean…I have seen my share of, shall we say, less than kosher behavior from some leaders…but let us not forget that there are those who stand by ethics and THEY will be the ones who will see to it that Scott gets his due and that his family will be taken care of.

    IF they do retire him out of the Navy, it will not be for HIS benefit but for the benefit of his family. I am sure he will end up serving some serious time…in the meantime, his family will be able to move on and have something to work with until they get on their own feet. That would be the ONLY reason I would want him to be retired out…but, after having spoken to our legal officer, he believes this will NOT be the case.

  22. Anonymous,

    Your comments are noted, however, let me assure you I am with the program. I’ve worked hard to get where I am at now, and it isn’t because I whined, cried or complained. I am where I am at because I worked for it.

  23. Anonymous,
    What a hypocrite you are! You criticize “A Sailor” and everyone else for judging you without knowing you and then you turn right around and do the same to A Sailor! YOU HAVE NO IDEA what he has gone through just to get where he has…You talk about justice?!? Let me talk about “justice”…I saw a guy who spent ALL DAY EVERY DAY (at work) looking for girlfriends on the internet while his shipmates worked their butts off…no one said anything or did anything…I and many deserving sailors watched this guy get a DUI on a DUTY DAY and make chief less than three months later! This same guy continued to drink at the Horse and Cow (have others breathe into his breath machine in his car so he could drive)and come into work late with alcohol on his breath (which I smelled time and time again) when he was supposed to be going to AA meetings! When it came time for him to write an essay for his Chief’s initiation, he got help from his sponsors because he was too lazy to do it himself!…To this day, he is still a chief. Explain that to me! How does a guy like this even make it into a leadership position?!?

    So, if there are sour grapes…believe me, they are justified! This guy got where he got on the coat tails of others such as these “whiners” as you call them, who were far more deserving, far more superior and actually worked hard to get what? Passed over! Am I P.O’d? You bet I am…did I have a stake in this? You bet I did! Because it was painful to watch so many guys who should have been promoted get passed over by jerks who couldn’t spell their own names, much less lead in the heat of battle!

    I have been around the Navy for a very long time and if there is one thing I know, there is no such thing as justice. I know this because I have been told time and time again that life isn’t fair by the very people who are leaders in the Navy…so, I ask you, why should this be any different? Scott admitted guilt the day he got caught. If he weren’t guilty, he shouldn’t have admitted it. Scott dug his own hole…he has NO ONE to blame but himself.

  24. Kris,
    First I never said Scott wasn’t guilty in fact I think I may have mentioned that I have accepted his guilt. And while my characterization of “Sailor” may have been off the mark, I came across enough sailors in my career who expected everything but wanted to give out little in return. Mostly in the past 10 years than earlier. And frankly, given “Sailor’s” comments in previous posts I came to my current conclusion, it may be wrong but it is all I have to work from. And yes it was wrong to voice that opinion but I was some what irritated with his previous comments as you are evidently with mine.

    As for your tale about the drunkard CPO, I have no doubt that it is true and if I knew that CPO I would call him a disgrace to the Khaki uniform to his face. And you are right, sometimes hard work and sweat does not get you the just rewards. But again the measure of a man, or woman is how hard he or she is willing to fight to get what he or she rightfully deserves, not sit back and whine and complain about how unfair life in the Navy is.

    So Kris, I am truly sorry I got your dander up and for “A Sailor” I hope that you do get what you deserve for your hard work in the Navy, I wish more sailors would work as hard as you claim to. I would however ask that you not make or spread what may be false accusations about people unless you have first hand knowledge of the activity in question. That would truly show Honor, Courage and Commitment. Our Navy would be a better off for it.

  25. Anon,
    Thank you. You have to understand that
    one of my biggest pet peeves is when people use that whine and cry stuff to blame someone who looses out on promotions and kudos when they are deserved. I am not in the Navy…I am a retired Navy wife. I watched my husband stand up to the plate on many occasions and get screwed because he had the guts to call people out on their indescretions…he took the words “honor courage and committment” to heart and he was rewarded with malace and contempt. My husband fought and worked extremely hard for whatever he could get his entire career. Sometimes he would come home so frustrated and angry that he would just pray for patience and the ability to forgive those who transgressed against him. Despite his frustration, it NEVER stopped him from giving 500% when everyone else around him gave 0…His entire motto was “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.”

    Anyone who is angry is usually angry for a reason…most of those I see angry in the Navy are justified. He is out now (2 years) and because he stood up for what he believed in the past, he was blackballed to the point that he could not get a job in the Kitsap Area. (Good ‘ol boy” network) But he did not let that stop him…every job he applied for he was told he was not qualified for yet those less qualified than him walked right into jobs straight from the Navy…guys without any kind of education…(where an education was supposed to be required)(good ‘ol boy network again)…my husband not only got his Bachelors, he got his Masters degree (with honors) and has moved up and beyond, proving to everyone who would talk trash about him that THEY were a bunch of liars, and cheats making those who believed the liars and cheats look like idiots.

    Yes, I took what you said personally…I shouldn’t have, but I see the good ‘ol boy network at work every single day because I work amongst them every day. I guess you can say that I have sour grapes, because others robbed my husband and his family of progressing at a pace that we should have been able to. What affected my husband most certainly affected me and our children. Because of others, we were robbed of better opportunities. But good things comes to those who wait.

    I know you didn’t say Scott wasn’t guilty. I didn’t mean to imply that you did. I was just reitterating what was already known. It was an afterthought I guess.

    As far as the drunkard I was talking about…it really did happen right before my eyes…I was so distraught by it, that I had to go back to my office and close the door.

    Unfortunately, everyone along my pathway, knew just how upset I was about it. I even told the CO my thoughts about it and trust me, I spoke my mind. It was so wrong on so many levels!
    So much so that it obviously still bugs me to this day 3 years later. The entire group of people who got passed over for chief that year were as sickened by it as I was.

    Despite it all, and despite the nasty taste it left in my mouth, I do not regret the day my husband joined the Navy and neither does he. I still love working with the Navy, and I still believe that there is enough Honor Courage and Commitment out there to make up for the rest of the dogs who would disgrace the name of the United States Navy…the BEST Navy in the world!

    Thanks for your service…Your note proves what kind of Sailor you truly are…

  26. Nothing in this world is perfect and the Navy most certainly has never claimed to be. My husband is not perfect, but he busted his tail to get where he is at and is not and has never been apart of the “good-ole-boys club”. I, too, have asked many times over the years how one sailor could get promoted and another not. Unfortunately, even as spouses, we see and/or hear the injustice that is served more times then we like to admit.
    I personally know a SCPO and his wife who had gone out partying with a CPO from his Command. Five months after this particular night, the CPO was charged with raping the SCPO’s wife. During the court-martial it was found out that this particular couple had pulled this same story TWICE before. All charges were dropped against the CPO. However he was forced into an early retirement. The SCPO was sent from shore-duty to sea-duty immediately. Within two months, he hit an officer during an underway. (Another ploy to get out of sea-duty) This SCPO was again reassigned to yet another Command (back to shore-duty). Here’s the killer: He was picked up for MASTER CHIEF. I just don’t get it!!
    To add even more misery to today’s blog, my husband’s JAG officer wrote the following in regards to Ed Scott’s present situation and future. (Let it be known she has no connection to this case.)
    But first, I personally would like to apologize to Sailor and Anonymous for my past rude comments to you both.
    A.) More likely then not, Scott is on ADMIN LEAVE and still receiving a paycheck. He is NOT considered UA or AWOL.
    B.) “Under the HISS Act…only when convicted for national security violations MOST felony convictions typically are not cause for loss of retired pay. If a service member receives a court martial conviction, the punishment MIGHT include separation without retirement…” (per HISS Act in part)
    I wonder if we’ll ever really know….

  27. CMC Spouse,
    You are so right…but, it is painfully obvious that this guy had some ins that we just don’t know about.

    My husband is currently working in California with the Marines and there is a Major there that got where he is because his father or grandfather is a 3 star general. But, this guy keeps on screwing things up…I would not doubt that the guy you are talking about had a connection far and beyond the “good ‘ol boys” club.

    Neopitism runs rampant in the armed forces AND the federal government. I see it every day.

    I am lucky in my job in that I love what I do and I love most of the people I work for and with. I would be lying if knowing someone did not get me my job…however, when they hired me, they got someone who not only had experience, but also the degree to support it. There was virtually no turnover. Unfortunately, there are many more that get hired who are neither qualified or educated…just part of the GOB’s club. A real shame considering the guys and gals who are qualified are getting looked over.

    Even if Scott gets off free and clear, karma will have its day.

  28. Having learned of Master Chief Scott’s situation by reading the paper here and by reading all of the posts since march, I have found that I need to say something about all of this. All I know is what I have read in the paper, and from blog comments. I do not know Ed Scott at all. I have seen him thrown under the bus from all corners of life. I saw that a family member asked to be easy on him. I can appreciate that. The family is hurting as much as he is. But let’s take this whole situation in perspective. Master Chief Scott is being charged with some serious charges. Consider this, He alledgely chatted with a Mother of two for sex on line. The Mother, who does not exist, offered her twins, boy and girl, who don’t exist, up for him. He allegedly chatted about sex with her and the kids. Remember, All I know is what has been in the paper. A Mother offering up her kids for sex or a sexual situation, is committing a crime. So Ed Scott is chatting with a Mother who is commmitting a crime by offering her kids for a sexual situation and he is responding by wanting to see them. So we have Ed who is committing a crime with a criminal who is offering up her kids who don’t exist. Ed Scott wants to meet her and the kids, (who all don’t exist) and have sex with the mother ( who doesn’t exist). He shows up at the hotel and gets arrested. No Mother, No kids, no victims! So he is guilty of talking dirty to a mother (criminal) who wants to give her kids up for sex. All here are all for throwing him in jail for years. For what? He went to a hotel to meet a fictional Mother with fictional kids so he could have sex with the Mother. You may say well what if the mother and kids were real? Well, they weren’t. There was no Mother, No kids and no victims. So the prosecutors want him to spend 7 years of his life in jail for having a fantasy with a phantom? Something is not right here. For the people here who will now want to question my morals and ethics, I do not condone what he wanted to do. I think people who stalk children and parents who offer them up for sex, need help. Their children need to be taken away and be put in a safe place until the parents are deemed safe. As for the Navy women who have stated they were abused by RMCS Ed Scott, I understand what they are saying. AS in the what if The kids were real with Ed Scott, what if you said something when you were sexually harrassed back when he alledgedly harrased you? Would this have not happened? I’m not blaming the female sailors here, I’m posing the question. I hear where they are coming from and that they would not want to be the one who trashed him. In my humble opinion, I think we should be targeting the people (men or women) who are offering up thier kids for sex. Those are the ones who need to be locked up and their kids placed elsewhere. This whole situation has been very disturbing to me, because it involved a Command Mater Chief, and although I do not know him, I feel for him and his family. I see that there are others here that really do know him and some support him and others throw him away. I really don’t know what else to say except, he needs some help, let’s give him that. I want to give my best to his wife and family. Thanks for reading all of this! I hope I made some sense. If not, please let me know.

  29. Retired92,
    I truly respect everything that you said, however, Scott had every intention of going through with a crime. Yes, the mother and children were fictional, but that is not the point. He went there with the intent to commit a crime. Period…he was corresponding with the police officer at WORK…on a NAVY computer.

    Bottom line here Retired92, 1. he was in a position of high authority…he has probably sent men and women up the river for less than what he was about to do…2. He was soliciting sex online…HE didn’t know they were fictional characters in a sting. 3.He showed intent by showing up in the first place and then carrying condoms, in the second place…4. He changed his story so many times that he discredited himself.

    Yes, he needs help, and he is going to get it… but, not at the expense of the Navy. HE screwed up, and I do not feel the least bit sorry for him. Most men wanting to get back at their wives would have had an affair, NOT solicit sex with minors.

    He has no defense…he committed the crime and admitted it. What more do you need? If you do the crime, you should do the time…plain and simple.

  30. You are right Kris! This is a moot point now since he did admit to it and now must face up to the penalty phase. Very true again about using the work computer. He apparently was oblivious to how that system works. I feel more for the family with the shame they must feel and this will go on for the rest of their lives. I too wonder how many younger sailors were sent up the river for trivial things that he pushed for to get them punished. But it’s all specualtion on my part. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks when he sees the judge again!

  31. Retired 92 I agree with the bogus charges. Yes he is a dirt bag, a pervert, and disgrace to all but committed attempted child rape, doubt that as you said with the phantom mom and kids. He was not oblivious to computer crimes and misuse he was the ADP LCPO on the Abe Lincoln and a IT expert, he was he thought above the law and rules of the Navy. Kitsap county prosecutor should have dropped charges and handed Ed over to court martial for the crimes he did commit, in which he would get a fair court martial and some hard time.

  32. Retired 92 I agree with the bogus charges. Yes he is a dirt bag, a pervert, and disgrace to all but committed attempted child rape, doubt that as you said with the phantom mom and kids. He was not oblivious to computer crimes and misuse he was the ADP LCPO on the Abe Lincoln and a IT expert, he was he thought above the law and rules of the Navy. Kitsap county prosecutor should have dropped charges and handed Ed over to court martial for the crimes he did commit, in which he would get a fair court martial and some hard time.

  33. Thank you for that insight Retired Navy! I am now getting a clearer picture of what has gone on and what is going on here. It’s starting to make sense now. It looks like the Navy will have their say after this sentencing is over.

  34. Interesting reading. Let me give you a personal side. I have known Ed Scott and his family since 1994. When I made Warrant Officer, Ed Scott (then RMC) was my first reenlistment as an officer…I have kept in contact with him over the years. And when I found out what had happened….I didn’t know what to think. I immediately called his wife to offer support.

    Which brings me to my point. As a 26 + year Navy guy, I can appreciate what my wife goes through. Ed’s wife should continue to get the pay…and if he gets booted…she should get the retirement for 20+ years of faithful service…because it is a team effort when you are married..

    I hope that Ed can get treatment that he needs that his wife is taken care of.

    Tks for listening…

  35. LCDR Hall,

    About your point: Although everyone is sympathetic to Scott’s wife and realizes that she will pay the biggest price for her husband’s stupidity, the fact is…she did not serve in the military.

    Yes, I know all about the sacrifices that military spouses go through (I just retired after 24 years) but so do the spouses of other professions such as policeman, fireman, pilots, truck drivers, etc. Where do you draw the line? The Navy kicks people out all the time for a lot less, do we give their spouses anything? How about that chubby Sailor whose only crime is that he can’t run fast enough and gets kicked out, should his spouse receive something?

    I believe you answered your own question when you said it was a “team effort”. I have never seen half of a team win.

  36. Reading the last post i can empathize with LCDR comment on scott’s wife getting the money but the fact is the retirement is for the active duty member and here is an example, if i pass away my wife gets nothing of my retirement since i declined the overpriced sbp, so why should she get anything when he could still support her by other means when he gets out of prison. Another point i believe in scott does not need help he needs a long prison sentence. so in short he is a predator and does not deserve retirement.

  37. Jim C and Navyretired2…I know…it’s just (makes me mad) that Ed was thinking with his groin and not with his head….and now his wife suffers.

    It is amazing on what people will do and not think they’ll get caught..

    Any, tks for listening…

  38. Did he go to court on the 11th?


    Check a little farther up toward the more current blog entries and you’ll find your answer 🙂


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