Amber’s Reach

When the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office last week launched an Amber Alert to find a missing North Kitsap infant, the story hit newspaper web sites and aired on TV and radio stations almost immediately.

We hear often about Amber Alerts around the country, and every now and then, they hit close to home, as was the case in a separate story last August involving a 3-year-old Bremerton girl who’d been taken from a local home.

But how did this method come into practice?

According to

The AMBER Plan was created in 1996 as a powerful legacy to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, a bright little girl who was kidnapped and brutally murdered while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas.

In April 2003, President Bush signed into law a national Amber Alert, the web site goes on to say.

FBI Agents in Seattle told me today that the Amber Alert issued for Rebecca Forrester to find her 2-month-old daughter Serenity Withrow didn’t directly lead to her capture last Saturday in Wyoming. But it did provide the tips that led the FBI to her tracks, they said.

How do you think the Amber Alert has been effective? Could it be improved?

56 thoughts on “Amber’s Reach

  1. Elaine thats wonderful news about the new placement laws.Definitely put a brighter light on my day today.Hoping I get to see Serenity this week!The article Josh did for me was awesome and most definitely the most honest reporting done about me yet.So I must add before I go ,thank you Josh.I appreciate your interest in the truth on this one and for allowing me to tell my side.

  2. Great story. Becky there is more good news coming. I met with Ronald Arnold Williams last week. She is top of DSHS and in agreement that individual accountability for these DSHS employees is needed. OOPs no more changing the truth!! She was on the news and spoke of cleaning up both the Bremerton and Tacoma CPS offices. The worst two offices of all in my opinion. Anyway if there are problems with any worker involved with you just let me know. We will take it to the top. Another thing the Office of Public Defense has been hiring social workers for the defense side of things to even up the score in the court. This is a much needed thing, Now there can be a real non bias professional person. Their job stability relies on getting families back together. My best to you and enjoy your time with Serenity. Thanks Josh for letting us hear the other side

  3. Elaine,
    Absolutely awesome news!I’m so very glad that there are FINALLY going to be some changes somewhere.Still haven’t gotten to see Serenity yet but I’m hoping soon.It’s been almost 4 months,yet seems like forever.As for me I have an appointment at the OC in Poulsbo this Monday.I’ve made the decision to go to school to become one of the people I hate most.A social worker.Imagine that!I figure the best place to start trying to get changes is in their front door . Hopefully I can make a difference for someone like me out there.Thanks again Elaine for all your help and encouragement.I hope to be in touch with u soon. I’d love nothing more than to donate what little extra time I have to you and helping your cause.

  4. GREAT ARTICLE JOSH! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have someone in the media who reports the truth!
    And Elaine: How wonderful – maybe now Becky and others in her position can get fair treatment! THANKS TO YOU BOTH AGAIN! Sher

  5. Did they lift the restraining order? Because if they have you should have been able to see your baby by now. You need to find out what the hold up is. Sherry everyone needs to be involved in change for it to really happen. Our lawmakers may not know what needs to change if things are not brought to their attention. Your and everyone else’s opinion and suggestions are valuable. For example Serenity not seeing her mother for four months. That is inexcusable and down right cruel.

  6. Elaine,
    Yes the restraining order was lifted and still I haven’t seen Serenity.I spoke to my social worker Kirsten Erceg on Friday she said the hold up was we were waiting for a court date to go before commissioner Lowans to get the approval for the visit and until then I can’t see Serenity. She said she had no idea when the court date would be other than maybe Monday, but she didn’t know for sure she’d let me know. At that point I just hung up the phone because if I opened my mouth it wasn’t going to be good. I’m so frustrated I just want to hold my Serenity again. At this rate by the time I do get to see her again she’s gonna have forgotten who I am. That scares me and rips my guts out all at once.

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