Time to Christen the Cop Shop

Daa De Daaaaaaa, Da Da Da De Daaaaaa …

The Bremerton Police Department’s new downtown station (pictured) has been up and running for about a month now, but the cops inside are ready for their public-close up.

At 10:30 a.m. Friday, police, with the help of the mayor, will cut the ribbon on the 29,000 square-foot department, one that’s brought the agency from two roofs — patrol division and operations — into a unified building.

If you’re there, you’ll also get a tour, including a bunch of new cool technology for crime scene investigation and evidence.

(The melody at the top of the page was meant to be the Dragnet theme, by the way.)

One thought on “Time to Christen the Cop Shop

  1. Congratulations to Bremerton!

    I happened to drive past the new headquarters today and was pleased to see my tax dollars at work.
    It is a nice looking building and fits into the surroundings.
    I hope the inside contains the latest equipment and technology…
    Sharon O’Hara

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