A Marquee Arrest … and a Coincidence

With the help of some federal agencies, detectives in Kitsap County are becoming more savvy to the ways of the web.

And on Friday, Bremerton’s detectives landed perhaps the most notable arrest thus far in the new world of luring sex predators online.

Edward E. Scott remains in Kitsap County jail on $500,000 bail. The command master chief of Navy Base Kitsap, he is said by police to have attempted to carry out a far more elaborate tale than most people law enforcement lure online.

He thought he was chatting over the internet with a mother who had a 12-year old twin boy and girl — whom he suggested he wanted to commit some kind of sex acts with, according to police — but turned out to be an undercover agent with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

So when Scott showed up at a Bremerton area motel, he was “absolutely shocked” to find detectives there to arrest him, and made a confession, said Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane.

Coincidentally, we had just wrapped a Sunday story about luring sex predators online before they could lure potential victims. (You can read that story here.)

It was a coincidence and nothing more. But our story, and Bremerton’s arrest, shows that those who try and lure minors for sex over the internet — no matter how prominent in the community — are taking a huge risk.

41 thoughts on “A Marquee Arrest … and a Coincidence

  1. I feel sickened for his family.
    If a trial finds him guilty, I wonder how many other minors he has solicited?
    They will be coming forward now.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I think you may be right, Sharon. I know we’re presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but he’s proven himself guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt in the court of public opinion, provided we are not being lied to by the government-media complex.

    The “man” is certainly a well educated person and I guarantee, he knows about the dangers to the perp pedophiles freedom by chatting on the internet for victims. His perversion has totally consumed him which makes him very dangerous.

    This is what law enforcement should be focusing upon. Kudos!

  3. Its sad to say that there may be more victims out there than just these 2. I will pray for his family and the victims. As for him, if he is guilty, may he rot under the jail. Kudos to Kitsap Law Enforcement

  4. If true (how could it NOT be if the story is accurate) this freak is a disgrace to the uniform and deserves dishonorable separation. No retirement pay, no medical benefits – nothing. He’s wearing a wedding ring in the picture on the NBK website – his poor wife and kids! Rotting in – or under – the jail is too good for him. The Navy should hit eject on this one as soon as he is proven guilty.

  5. Wow ! i as well feel sorry for his family but already he is being assumed guilty by public opinion ……….. what if he has never done this before , and has only had the thoughts sick yes but , the computer is a strange world where many just talk without a face its kind of a fantasy world . its a shame he tried to follow through with this whole deal if he is guilty he does have alot more to lose than civilians guilty of the same crime

  6. If found guilty, the odds are he has preyed on children for years.
    A convicted predator has likely altered many lives, civilian or military and while the predator goes to prison, his/her victims have had their lives, their families lives, altered forever.
    And what about the children of such a predator?’
    I hope they get into therapy immediately that they will not take on the horror of their parents crimes.
    Sharon O’Hara

  7. I have known ED Scott for many years. I was shocked and numbed by what I heard on the news. I agree that the crime for which he is charged of is a serious one and cannot be overlooked. At the same time, I feel that I still must support him as my friend and remember all of the good things he has done. I have seen him break his back supporting his sailors and their families during ship deployments and also in the leadership position he is currently assigned to. If you ask anyone who has ever served with him, they would tell you that he is one of the best leaders the Navy has and that they would work with him again. I too feel for his family and I know that they face an uphill battle in the community. Some will turn their backs and whisper, others will walk away all together. I will not be one of those! I will continue to consider each and every member of the Scott family my friend and not judge them on an act that was not within their control. I also will not turn my back on Ed. Again, I do not approve of the actions he is charged of. I feel that at this point, if given the chance, I will tell him face to face that I do not approve and that he must now face his punishment…but I will also let him know that I am a friend and that I know he has a long and difficult road ahead of him. Hopefully one day, he will once again be able to walk to “correct” road and all of his true friends will walk with him.

  8. I’m sorry. If your friend has done this, a trial will determine his guilt or innocence… or, a first could happen.

    If he is guilty he could plead guilty and spare his family and friends, the military..the horror of a trial. If he truly is the man you say he is, that is what he will do. If he is guilty, he will have enough honor to say so, and spare everyone the horror of a predator trial. At the very least, he owes that to his family, his friends, the military, his country.

    If he is innocent, he must never stop fighting to prove it.

    In my opinion, ANY person proven to prey on a child is a predator of the worst kind … .
    and should never be turned loose to prey on another child.
    Sharon O’Hara

  9. I notice that there are some of you who seem to have an opinion on almost every story in the newspaper.
    It seems as though everyone is quick to demand justice and automatically convict someone. While the nature of this crime is indeed serious and should be punished, I do not feel that this is a crime that someone cannot enter back into society successfully. We see it everyday in the newspaper where convicted sex offenders (most who have been convicted of crimes much worse)placed back within our community. They lead their life and never re-offend. Once the punishment is finished, then the person should be able to try and rebuild their life. Look at the people who have murdered, killed someone in a drunk driving accident…I bet you aren’t as quick to judge them and brand them as totally worthless and not capable of rehabilitation. I also bet you would not be so quick to judge and demand justice if it were someone you knew or worse yet, a family member of yours that was in this position.

  10. The Kitsap County Court System will bring out the truth, and will judge him! To hear this from the Bremerton Police Department’s internet investigation service of what this senior enlisted possibly commited (after 30 days of overseeing this act, is shameful and gives a bad rap to the military, active , reserve, civil service and retired alike. This terrible intention, if proven guilty, will most definatley take away all the good he has done, and his career is OVER if found guilty. Obviously he and others such as this are mentally sick and need treatment if found guilty…..

  11. 1. The man is innocent until proven guilty.

    2. Ever notice how when a military member is accused of or involved in a crime, the Sun is oh so quick on the trigger to blaze the story in the headlines, never failing to mention the person’s rank? It’s not just our local paper, it’s the media in general these days.

    Let the justice system do it’s work.

  12. Although I am disgusted by severity of this man’s alleged actions, I can’t help but think about the family of this man. I can just imagine the embarrassment this has cause the family.
    It is not our place to be judge and jury regarding this matter. Let the court system take care of that.
    I would also like to comment on the manner in which this paper has chosen to publicly announce this issue. There was mention of his rank and status within the military. How does that information concern the reader? It wouldn’t be any different had Mr. Scott not been in the military. So why is this man’s military photo and military information plastered? How does this affect the general publics view on our military? It completely under minds our military by making such things so public when it involves our military personnel. I can’t help but wonder; if this were not a man in our military would the situation have been added to the paper in the same manner? How many other stories in our area could have joined this one?

  13. I have known Ed Scott for years, if fact, he relieved me at Naval Base Kitsap and we both served on the CAMDEN as Command Master Chief at different times. Here’s my point..Those (2) 12 year olds could have been your daughters/sons, brothers/sisters, etc. While Ed appeared to be a decent man, a career sailor, the fact remains he led two separate lives and for that he will have to pay for the crimes committed, if found guilty.
    My heart goes out to his wife Robin and her two children and I believe the navy, family, and friends of the Scott family will support her in whatever capacity they can.

  14. its all about the chat and his intent. he chatted with a woman and explicitly told her sex acts he wanted to preform with her AND her 12 yr olds. he intended to enter a motel room with a woman to preform sexual acts with her AND her 12 yr olds. it doesnt matter if it was the 1st time or the 100th. it doesnt matter if hes a bum or the president. however, money talks and we’ll see who represents him in court. even if he gets off, this will be with him forever, as it should be. those who prey on children are slime of the lowest form. nuff said.

  15. Get real – of course Ed Scott’s position is an unavoidable part of this story – the SUN would have been irresponsible to report it any other way.
    People in positions of responsibility within the community (military, police, fire fighters, goverment officials, clergy) know their actions are evaluated in light of their chosen professions. It’s part of the job. This man was in a very special position within the Navy – one in which he in particular should have been an example to all around him. When someone in such a position “falls” it is a public event. So, of course the SUN reports on his status as a very senior Navy enlisted leader – it’s pertinent. Ed Scott blackened the eye of a service he agreed to be a part of – if guilty he’s dishonored himself, his family, his Navy, and his fellow Sailors and Chiefs. Guilt is his and should not be reflected back on the SUN just because they report on it.

    Friends may stand by him; it’s noble of them to say they will and will reflect well on them if they do.

    BTW – Read the story again – it now says he confesed.

    Brad Green

  16. ” BTW – Read the story again – it now says he confesed.”

    I just did. It does not say that. Let us all please stick with the facts as we know them. The only thing tha article says (as of a minute ago) is that he was “shocked.” One unfortunate aspect of this kind of crime is that if you are accused, you’re dead. The community will turn against an accused person even if it’s just an accusation. I have no idea what is “true” in this case (It looks pretty bad, I admit.) but I just hope we can let justice take its course and not make up facts in the meantime. That’s not fair to the accused or to the community.

  17. As a civilian that works in the same chain of command as Ed Scott, I am in shock! The government trains all personnel in a variety of subjects;POSH, Ethics, Safety, Internet security, etc. Did you not learn anything? What were you thinking? I am disappointed and grieving at the same time. I feel as though a colleague has commited suicide. I am left with asking WHY? You threw your life away! Help me understand…..

  18. Brad Green: Well written. My husband is a Command Master Chief and I, myself, am embarrassed by Ed Scott and his actions. He has thrown away 25 years of service…if found guilty, but who cares about him. What about his wife and children? The Navy isn’t going to support them if he is found guilty. Ed signed paperwork that clearly states he is not allowed to participate in such activities, but he did it anyways. Obviously, his career and family met less then his sick thoughts/pleasures. His face should be plastered all over the front page. I say kudos to the law enforcement for keeping our children safe…no matter what the criminal’s position is in our society….

  19. November 2006 James Kerr, a PO1, arrested for child rape! February 2007 Roger Arndt, a Chief Petty Officer, was found guilty of trying to have a 13 year old girl have sex with him! Both of these sailors are stationed at Naval Base Kitsap. Now the Command Master chief of the base has been arrested attempting to have sex with 12 year old twin girls! (Blogger’s note: Police reports have indicated the “twins” were a boy and a girl). Is it just me? Or is there a trend developing here? What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with the CPO/Command Master Chief selection process? What is wrong with the navy?

  20. Mr. Feist, I feel you are painting with a broad brush. You forget the Navy, as with any community, is made up of a cross-section of society. To blame the military for the actions of these few harkens to an “ism” (i.e. racism, sexism, etc). Yes, these 3 you mention are in the Navy. Yes, their actions (assuming the charges against CMDCM Scott are founded) are reprehensible. No, this is not simply a Navy problem but a problem that affects all walks of life. Predators can be white-collar professionals, blue-collar workers, unemployed individuals, politicians, doctors, clerks, ditch-diggers, and yes, military personnel. The important thing is to punish the guilty appropriately regardless of race, creed, color, and way of life. As you might have guessed, I am a Navy Chief and am saddened by this incident, not only for the Navy or even the family, but for our society.

  21. Mr. Feist it is obvious that you did some homework on sailors who have committed sexual crimes.

    What occupation field are you currently employed in? I want to be able to research your field and then slant the numbers to male my point valid as well.

    These types or criminals are everywhere, in the military and out.

  22. Michael,

    Innocent til proven guilty?!? Who are you people and where did you come from?!?

    Go back to the latest on this article and it DOES say he confessed. YOU need to read it again! I copied and pasted the quote directly from the article:

    “He thought he was chatting over the internet with a mother who had a 12-year old twin boy and girl — whom he suggested he wanted to commit some kind of sex acts with, according to police — but turned out to be an undercover agent with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

    So when Scott showed up at a Bremerton area motel, he was “absolutely shocked” to find detectives there to arrest him, and made a confession, said Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane.”

    The guy was brazenly using his Navy computer network! It is a highly monitored computer system that tells you frequently that you are being monitored! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He was a total idiot! They should nail him to the wall!

    Wench, sexual predators are notorious for repeating offenses! This guy has been dong this for a long time. The guy got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.
    There is NOTHING innocent about this guy whatsoever.
    Defending him is absolutely disgusting. Especially since he admitted his guilt!

    I am sickened for his family. THAT is where my heart leads to. He has not only ruined his career, he has ruined his life and the lives of his family AND he has added just one more blemish to the Navy.

  23. Anonymous,
    You have no clue if he has been doing this for a long time or if the past month was the first, but of course you state that he has been doing this for a long time. This has not been mentioned in the media and statements like the one made is where rumors start and snowball from there. If you are going to post discussions, you need to stick to the discussion concerning the article, not using the blogs for personal insults against those who have not written what you agree with.

  24. Master Chief Scott is a disgrace to the Navy after reading the latest report on his excuse for doing what he did. He blamed his wife for his sick actions nevertheless admitting to wanting to have some sexual contact with the “supposed” 12 year old girl and to assist the male twin in having sex with his mother. I pray Robin, his wife, runs as far away from MCPO Scott and never turns back….

  25. Wench,
    I know more about this issue than you would ever WANT know. The guy was being investigated long before this became news. (They don’t tell you EVERYTHING) He admitted his guilt. First time or not…it is sick and ABNORMAL behavior. But, then again I don’t know what I am talking about…I only studied this particular issue for umpteen years…I know the stats on sexual predators…can you say the same?

    What he did was wrong…he confessed…Guilty as charged. I know for a fact that he was on a navy network computer. I know for a fact that the network is monitored constantly…for this particular kind of stuff…the Bremerton Police department would not have known about this without the assistance of the Navy or NCIS…a Navy investigative service. Mainly because the network is secured…the Police would not have known about this otherwise….so before you start accusing me of not knowing what I am talking about…I would suggest you get YOUR facts straight. I stated the FACTS…I got them from the article itself…and I know about the Navy computer network and how it works…I did not stray from the story. I will admit that I made an attack towards those who would defend this guy’s behavior..ESPECIALLY when he admitted his guilt. It’s not about whether you disagree with me or not. It is your right. But I have a hard time dealing with people who jump to the innocent til proven guilty line when the guilty party ADMITS guilt. It’s ignorant and just plain…well, STUPID.

    I am offended by your defending this guy when he has admitted guilt. He changed his story three times for his reasoning. Why would I believe he has never done this before? I have as much a right to express my opinion on any blog as you do. It would seem that some of us though are more educated than others when it comes to debate.

  26. Just wonder how many sailors were put up to Captains Mast on the input from Scott for similar offenses… his actions are offensive in the extreme and have hurt the CPO community and the Navy. He deserves nothing but contempt.

  27. Not if, but when Master Chief Scott is convicted for his perverted acts by the state, I expect and demand that the military will bring the full force of a military prosecution against such a disgrace in uniform. I am sick and tired of subhumans such as Scott giving lame excuses for their actions. If naval law enforcement retraced Scott’s past duty stations, they would no doubt find that he had committed the same crimes. For those of you, who want to defend this piece of garbage, need to understand that pedophiles just don’t wake up one day and decide to molest children that it has been an ongoing practice that has gone on for years.

  28. Obviously there is no difference between a bum sex offender and a CPO sex offender. Wanting to rob a child of their innocence is a selfish, immoral act that no adult should ever fantasize about. This man held a very prominent position in our local military. I imagine he had to be some what educated to hold the position that he was given, so why is it that he was dumb enough to engage in these conversations on a work computer? If anyone even thinks to cut him any slack for what “he attempted to do” I want you to think about if he actually followed through once, twice, three times before he got caught, with your child, your friends child, any child against their will.
    I have many young enlisted friends who work long, hard shifts going hours at a time with out food and sleep, standing in the freezing rain protecting our bases waterfront. All while the highest enlisted man is chatting online at work about having sex with children. Lets face it, no matter what he goes to jail for Scott is now on the bottom of the chain of command.

  29. I hate to break it to the CPO community…but many of them are known to go to other countries where child prostitution is legal and use their services. I am not at all shocked by this guy’s behavior. Saddened, yes, but it makes me wonder just how many of these CPO’s are doing the same thing…only they are just smarter about it. One writer here is correct however…in that you can’t paint with a broad brush…they are part of the social makeup and just happen to be in the military. But, when someone is in a position of higher authority, he/ she is expected to behave at a higher standard. I guess that is not so true.

  30. We will all find out how long this guy has been a doing these things. I find it hard to imagine that this guy woke up one day with a case of pedophilia. Also treatment for this ailment if that is what it can be considered is next to impossible. He became obsessed with chat rooms! There are other types of chat rooms that do not involve sex with kids! It is obvious if a person would go as far as showing up for some set up sick sex scene with children they need to be locked away. This guy is an embarrassment to our country.

  31. As a recorder at many Captains Masts, I too wonder how many non-judicial punishments Scott was involved in while he lived his own Jekyll and Hyde style of life. How many sailors’ lives and careers has he had a negative influence on and responsibility for? And, as a patron of the Navy Exchange system, I also wondered how long it would be before the command noticed that they had his photograph (in full dress blues with medals and ribbons seated in front of our national flag) posted prominently in all of their facilities along with the commanding officer’s and other individuals? It was a pleasure to learn that the Navy Exchange at the Bangor Submarine Base took appropriate action on Monday, and had his framed photograph removed from the wall and thrown in the trash! You can say what you want about being innocent until proven guilty, but after his confession to the local authorities, it appears that the U.S. Navy has made up its mind on him! He threw his life, his future, his marriage, and his family away. I pray that his wife and children will be able to survive and move on!

  32. Wench,
    I went back and read your first statement and I think you are truly a great friend. I am also concerned for his family and would never whisper or blame them for the crimes that he may or may not have committed. Unfortunately, society will wonder how the wife could not know…but, she will have support also. I once had a friend who committed a felony. It was not against a child…but it was a felony nonetheless. It turned out that she had Bi-polar disorder. She was medicated and never committed a crime again. I stood by her, but, I did not defend her actions. They were wrong despite her disorder…she knew they were wrong…but, I stood by her and I am her friend still today. Stand by your friend…but be warned, you will also be scrutinized…even questioned about your own integrity by standing up for MC Scott. It takes a strong human being to stand up with a friend when that friend is down for the count. Good luck.

  33. My friends…the folks I am loyal to…are those folks I trusted and trust with our most precious – children.
    Anyone I would hesitate to leave my children with … is not a ‘friend’…to deliberately leave a child with a known, convicted child predator or anyone ‘iffy’ seems to me is a choice against the child.

    The child is vulnerable, our obligation is the child’s safety first….not those who jeopardize the child’s safety.

  34. Sharon, Most sex abuse cases involve a trusted friend, family member ,neighbor ect. It is a sad world when we can have so little trust. Even sending kids to school has its risks. It is out of control. Even worse when a person is in a profession involving children many times these things either unreported or ignored. We would all like to doubt the possibility that we employ persons to help children. who are pedophiles. think about it. If you were a pervert what better place to find victims and not get caught.

  35. I am in no way suggesting that anyone stand by someone they know can be a harm to themselves or their children. I am just saying that if you are going to stand by someone like Scott, you had better be prepared for the backlash that comes with it.

  36. I don’t care who befriends a child predator. I simply would not trust such a person with a child.

    But then I have never understood women attracted to murderers either.
    Sharon O’Hara

  37. I would like to clarify a statement that I made in regards to the CPO community…I did not mean to imply that it is just a CPO issue…when going back and reading over this blog, I realized that is how I sounded. What I meant to say, is it is not unusual for sailors in general to solicit child sex when they go to other countries…because it is legal over there. Although, I do not believe it is legal in the military regardless of where you are…guys and gals still do it regardless of the rules set forth by the uniform code of military justice. Unfortunately, many people go to these countries for this purpose…so it is not specifically a navy problem. Remember, a uniform does not dictate a person’s behavior. I think many are forgetting that.

  38. I think the photo of him coming out of the court room speaks volumes. He must still think he is going to get a simple slap on the wrist.

  39. I worked for Ed bout 2-3 years ago.. He was a great mentor! But that doesn’t mean he is a good, moral man. Some people do live double lives in the military, it’s fairly easy to do if you have ever been active duty. I was completely shocked when I found out. Mrs. Ehrhardt has a point, “how many sailor’s lives has he had a negative influence on” I have seen it, the Drb’s, XOI’s, the Capt Mast’s, it’s not pretty. And looking back, it almost seems hypocritical. It’s dangerous to have a pervert in such a high position of authority, not to mention, it’s not healthy for the moral and welfare of all the sailors under him

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