Strobe Lights a No-No

A 42-year-old Bremerton man was pulled over Monday near the 100 block of Callow Avenue on suspicion of imitating an emergency vehicle.

A Bremerton Police officer stopped his car shortly before 10 p.m. after he saw the 42-year-old backing up his truck onto the road, while in the man’s rear window a “strobe light” was flashing that stopped traffic around him, police reports said.

The officer told him this practice was a no-no outside of emergency vehicles. The man said he bought the truck at a car show and said he wouldn’t use them again.

5 thoughts on “Strobe Lights a No-No

  1. Was the gentleman given a ticket?
    42 is a bit old for car games…
    Sharon O’Hara


    The report indicated no ticket.


  2. Ok I have to admit 42 maybe a little old for car games,but we all have a little bit of want to do young things left in us. When I was 17 I lived in California in an upstairs apartment and Strobe lights turned all the traffic lights red. I found this out accidentally because My roommate and I had one by a window facing a major intersection. We were bad girls and watched people act as if it were a four way stop for hours, even though we had figured out we were the cause. People in Redondo Beach I think became accustomed to the CRUZ while we lived there. I still have the urge. Even at my age!

  3. Thanks for a glimpse of another lifestyle, Elaine…funny how we all bring something new and different to the table… and I learned something new.
    Thank you.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Thank you Sharon, Life seems to have become so negative that people are afraid to breath. Innocent dirty laundry does not need to be tucked away and hidden! Life was given to be enjoyed. Everybody has a story, some seem to have forgotten to be honest and real. the stature of limitation has long passed since I was 17. My kids though, I would hope gather the memories of life I have been lucky enough to have gathered. I think my cousin was right when I called him in a panic. My daughter had gone on a whim at 16 years old to San Deigo in the 90s. His response to me was. Well you hitch hiked to Oklahoma in the 70’s and I went across country without a dime in the 60’s. He is a retired Professor. Wise man! Still full of life. I think we need to loosen up a bit and enjoy life.

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