‘You are Paid Instantly’

Anyone else getting more and more scam e-mail these days?

It could be just me. But I doubt it.

Here’s one I got this morning. It uses the Ivory Coast‘s qualifying for the World Cup this year as its rouse.

Oh, and feel free to post your own scam e-mails below. There can’t be enough written on this topic — people are still falling for these things.

The e-mail reads:


I am very sure that you do not know me at all, I also do not know you. But I think that if we have understanding, we can do business together.

I am the Special Duty Officer at the Ivorian Football Federation. My country (Cote d’Ivoire) qualified for the world cup in Germany 2006 and it was the first time we ever qualified for the world cup. This was a great breakthrough and unifying factor to my country considering the fact that we have been going through political crises. Everyone supported us and gave us virtually all we wanted.

Being in charge of special duties, I was given the responsibility to organise for the supporters club who will cheer up our team while playing in Germany. We estimated for about 3 000 supporters (people) who will travel with us to Germany as supporters of our team. I gave an estimate on the cost per person,which was six thousand dollars ($6000).

Fortunately for me, before the world cup , I travelled to Germany for the preliminary arrangement and I realised that we have over one thousand (1000) people standing ready as supporters who were also our citizens. I arranged them very well and noted that I have 1000 people already. Back in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire upon my return, I arranged for only two thousand (2000) people. The world cup has been played since June 2006 and all our supporter had since returned home but we have used the money for only 2000 people and it is remaining for 1000 people.

The ministry is now asking me the reason why the money for the 1000 people is left behind. I told them that the contractor who took care of those 1000 people was ill and have not been able to apply for his payment. Now, I am contacting you to stand as the contractor who handle the 1000 people to Germany.

You remember that I only used money for 2000 people who were handled by two different contractors. So you will be standing as the third contractor who handled the remaining 1000 supporters.

If you read this letter well, you will understand that the 1000 people took care of themselves because they were already in Germany. So the payment of the 1000 people would be << $6000 dollars multiplied by 1000 people giving us a total of $6 000 000.00 >> the money is ready waiting for the contractor to apply for it. Once I hear from you, I shall inform you on how to apply for the payment valued at $6 000 000.00. When you apply, they will contact me for confirmation and I will confirm that immediately.

After this, the payment is approved and you are paid instantly.

Once you receive this mail, please do supply me with your full name, address and telephone number so I can call you. Upon receipt of your response, I shall give you further information as to how to apply for the payment.

I will also like you to suggest the sharing rate. It is very clear that once the money is applied and paid to you, the both of us will share the money for our use. Because am still in government as a civil servant, you will keep my part so that no one knows.

Finally, this information is strictly for you and you alone. It is confidential but very safe for you and me.

I thank you again for your positive response and assistance to this transaction that will benefit the both of us.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Ali Musa

2 thoughts on “‘You are Paid Instantly’

  1. Yes, I am getting more …but I am also getting sceptically prudent about emails.

    I won’t open them if I don’t know the sender and/or if the sender does not make the message clear in the subject line.

    If the sender is legitimate they will usually resend after changing the subject line.

    Interesting to note that maybe six times out of ten, Comcast emails I send are returned for one reason or another.

    I’ve noted it because I am considering getting Apple’s new phone when it comes out in June and believe it will only work with Comcast.

    If so, I don’t want it if Comcast doesn’t make some changes between now and then.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. I posted before my experience with these scams. I actually emailed the guy telling him I was going to be in Sydney and to please send me the financial institutions information so I could pick up my money. Avoiding the costs. I told him if he did not respond I would alert the proper authorities. No more junk mail since then..I win HAHA

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