X Up

I was talking Thursday with Sgt. Randy Plumb, head of Bremerton Police’s special operations group, who told me a staggering drug statistic.

Bottom line: the numbers of methylenedioxymethamphetamine cases are up.

No idea what that is? Neither did I. But it’s the chemical name for ecstasy, also known as “E,” MDMA, or just “X.”

Whatever you call it, Plumb’s drug detectives are finding tons of it.

Between 2001 and 2004, detectives found “almost none” of the drug, which comes in pill form, and when taken, releases — for lack of a better phrase — all of the brain’s “happy” energy at once.

But in 2005, detectives seized 928 pills. And in 2006, they found 1,928 pills. Already 212 pills have been found in 2007, Plumb added.

There is certainly a trend here. But what does it all mean? Anyone have thoughts on the matter?

3 thoughts on “X Up

  1. Nasty stuff. Just ask Mark Tuinei, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. Oh, that’s right … you can’t. He died the first time he tried the stuff.
    It hit my uncle pretty hard as he played football with him at Punahou School in Honolulu.

  2. Seems to be bored, unhappy folks… and a sorry judge of picking ‘friends’ willing to give or sell the junk….why does anyone risk their lives for a ugly drug…nothing interesting there.

    They could take up skydiving, scuba, mountaineering…interesting stuff with a degree of risk….
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. This is a huge problem drug. Especially among teenagers. Even worse these kids seem to believe it is safe. I have had this conversation over and over about the extreme danger of ecstasy with a couple of kids close to me. They seem to believe if you drink water and suck on a pacifier you wont dehydrate and you wont chew up your cheeks inside, that is the only danger ,so they take those precautions. Wrong!!! This drug is turning our kids into zombies. Meth is also still abundant in our county. We are losing almost an entire generation to these two most commonly used drugs among teens. Parents that have kids, pay attention and get your kids help at any cost before they end up on an unstoppable downhill ride. It is not just experimenting like it was in the 70’s. It is a death wish. This is affecting families from all backgrounds at much higher rates than any cocaine surge in history. As for those people making and selling this to our kids, they should be locked up for no less than 10 years. Just like a gun enhancement law. They are slowly killing our kids.

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