‘Sometimes Parents Need a Timeout Too’

I spent last Wednesday with Bremerton School Resource Officer John Bogen, who was the subject of a story Sunday.

Our feature revolved around what school resource officers do at the high school level. But these officers are called on to work at the district’s other schools, too.

Bogen does much of the same work he does at the high school at Mountain View Middle School and Bremerton Junior High School.

In Bremerton’s elementaries, he visits periodically to introduce himself to the younger ones.

He told me a funny story of a time in which a young student blurted out during the middle of class, “My daddy got arrested last week!”

Now, he says, it’s not that uncommon of an occurrence. But the first time he handled it, he needed an on-the-spot response to put the children’s minds at ease.

“Sometimes parents need a timeout too,” Bogen told them.

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