Opportunities Abound

Lock your doors.

That’s the simple message given by law enforcement in response to growing “opportunity crimes” in Kitsap County.

And if today’s story didn’t make you want to secure your belongings, here’s another possible scenario that might, from Bainbridge Island Police Lieutenant Bob Day.

Day worries residents don’t get how an easily averted property crime could become “a violent encounter.”

He gives the example of a resident who comes home to find an offender inside, thanks to that unlocked door. The offender attempts to escape, perhaps even attempting to injure the homeowner in doing so. Even worse — what if the offender decides the opportunity presents itself to rob the homeowner with a weapon, Day asks.

“Something that was easily preventable by locking a door could become a barricaded hostage situation,” Day said.

Day’s tips? Lock your house, car and even mailbox, moves that would cut down opportunity thefts drastically.

Anyone want to share their own “opportunity theft story?”

One thought on “Opportunities Abound

  1. A good dog alert to strangers is an excellent attention getter for the burglar to avoid…as are good locks, motion detection lights, hidden cameras, and good, alert neighbors…

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