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If you could write the headlines for tomorrow’s edition of the Kitsap Sun, what would they be?

I know as a reporter/blogger, one of the main reasons I love maintaining this web log is getting ideas from you for stories. And it just so happens one of you inspired a story in today’s paper.

Reader Charles Prine wrote this to the blog yesterday:

Just wondering why the three robberies in the same area in less than a week have not been listed here or in the 911 log? Horse & Cow, 19th Hole, and Hank’s Grocery have all been robbed in one week’s time frame and all 3 are within a couple block radius?

I took Mr. Prine’s inquiry to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office yesterday. Robberies, they were not; burglaries, they were, confirmed Deputy Scott Wilson.

Prine was right on the money, hence this story we ran today about the thefts.

So if you ever think you might be onto a headline … let me know!

16 thoughts on “Insert Your Headline Here

  1. Hi Josh, I would love to have a headline. As you could have guessed it would have to do with Children in foster homes. I think maybe we could pull together some interviews with foster parents That I personally know and some foster kids I am related to or know. this would be a great headline good and bad. I know this is a hard subject for the Sun to print, but it is real and our public needs to hear what their tax dollars are being spent on. While I know there are many children in need of help, I also have proof from people from inside DCFS that will tell of the corruption and literal theft of children. Hope your editor is not afraid to examine this information I can provide. It is criminal even though nobody in the media is willing to accept that there is an organized crime ring in our backyard. We are paying for it. Elaine

  2. For starters I’d like to see an investigation into the ‘parents’ who had children taken from them to be placed into child protection by the state.
    Are the parents then, given help to get their lives in order than their children can be returned to them?
    Why did they lose them?
    What does it take to get them back?
    Why would the state take children if their safety were not in question when there are not enough foster homes to place them?
    I would like to know that background checks are done on every case worker working for the Child Protective Service, their supervisors and anyone working for the state as protectors of children.
    If children are protected by us, as should be, the child case workers need to be of the highest caliber and above reproach. Are they?

  3. Child abuse and neglect is a crime. simple. The parents of 99.99% of these kids are never charged with a crime , Investigations are conducted by CPS workers They are not trained in the field of law enforcement. They need to do more than background checks they need Psych Evals also. remember a criminal is not a criminal until they have been caught and convicted of a crime. It usually depends on if a Social Worker likes the parents or not that determines what happens to the kids. I know many people who jumped every hoop and still had their parental rights terminated. Sad but it is the way it is, because nobody that has had no dealings with this department seems to wear blinders.

    for early detection for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. COPD kills more people per year than Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer combined.
    The Kitsap County Health Department is taking a pro active role to help stomp out this deadly disease.
    The test, a simple blowing into a tube will alert the patient to see their doctor for further testing.
    The advantage of early detection is the patient can make life changing decisions to avoid further COPD harm.
    Normally it takes about 20 years until the patient has symptoms enough to talk to their doctor. By then, 50 % of their lungs are destroyed.
    The simple and inexpensive Spirometry machine was donated anonymously.
    Congratulations KCHD – for reevaluating where the public funds can do the most good for the most people.


    Has anyone found their horse, inexplicably, tied in their stall or out in the field in the last few years? Things REALLY out of place in the barn? Horse no longer manageable suddenly?
    If you have, please report it to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. There are 9 farms already. There is an alleged “person of interest” that has been identified that is hanging horses with electrical cord.

  6. Foster Teens That have not been Adopted. There is Hope for a way back home.

    In the legislative session this year we have a very good chance of having a bill sponsored and made law, That will allow you to petition the courts to reinstate your biological parents’ rights. This is a very important step toward providing a remedy for the many teens left lingering in the system. Your voices are the most important. It does not matter if you are drug addicted, have no place to live or a stitch of clothing. Your help is needed to make this happen.You are important. You are not alone and, most of all you do not have to continue to live your nightmare. We are inviting you to participate. Just by telling your story could help so many kids now and in the future. Please if you are one of these foster children or know a child in the system. This is the chance to help. Contact Washington Families United at 360-705-3233 or

  7. Thank you Josh, for posting my last headline. It will be soon that I am diligently seeking these kids and people that know of these kids to testify in front of the Legislature. Prayers are needed for this to happen. The bill will more than likely be called the Wolcott Twins Bill. It has been a long haul for my sons. Maybe there is really light at the end, for them in our democracy.

    (Blogger’s note: Elaine — no problem in posting it. Does the bill have a number yet?)

  8. Josh, Still waiting for the completion of the draft. We are anticipating this to be completed soon. Everyone that has gotten wind of this needs to call their State Representative in support. This is a good thing for these kids. It also could save tax payers a bundle. I will post the Bill number as soon as it is available

  9. Josh, The Bill for kids to be allowed to possibly reinstate their parent’s parental rights is SB5452. A surprise to me Senator Rockefeller introduced this to the Senate, before the house bill drafting is completed. Great News for so many kids. I believe this is the most common sense piece of legislature for children I have ever heard. I will fill you in on the House Bill # when I get it. The Senate bill is most important. Great Day

  10. Public Notice: Senate Bill # 5452 is set for public hearing on Tuesday January 30th 2007 at 1:30PM at the Capitol. This is a very important bill for many children who have been stuck in foster care and just want to go home to their parents. Support is needed. Anyone that can attend please do. Even if you do not want to speak just signing in as pro to this bill counts. Lots of kids are relying on our help. There is also a bill in The House of Representatives allowing for the same House bill #1624 Hearing date to be announced.

  11. J.McDermott’s bill to indemnify victims of wrongful imprisonment brings up an interesting question. What happens to those most responsible for the wrongful imprisonment. In the Schnieder case, what penalty or fine does the false accuser face or the defense attorney that didn’t bother to find out the accuser was in jail at the time of the alleged rape? Certainly there should be financial retribution if that attorney was provided by the Government and taxpayer paid. Were there similar situations in the other 3 Washington cases of wrongfully accused? Will they reimburse the state if this law passes? How about the expense the state had to prosecute which was wasted? How much was that? I’d be shocked if the answers weren’t shocking.

  12. How could the officers not checked the woman’s story before arresting?
    They failed to investigate fully and should be held responsible. To what degree?
    The woman is responsible for false charges and should be fined and jailed….jailed forever as far as I’m concerned…. along with months of community service.
    Sharon O’Hara

  13. False imprisonment is common. Maybe we need better Judges! How could a good Judge neglect to inquire about all the facts? Could there be the element of demeanor evidence playing a part in the wrongful convictions? I believe that is a huge part of wrongful convictions. Thank God Judges are elected in Kitsap. Citizens can help find and support new candidates to replace Judges they believe are not so good. It is definitely the American Way.

  14. Is it the judges job to question or to depend on the defendant’s lawyer to ask the right question?
    If the judge acts as the defenders attorney, we can dispense with the cost of a public defender. Suits me.
    The bottom line though is the person wrongfully accusing an innocent person of a crime.
    Almost as culpable is the detective person or team who did not begin the investigation by determining that the woman was where she claimed to be.
    The American Way used to be justice…not to excuse the liar.

  15. The CPS office in Kitsap County is corrupt, as is the Judge that does not listen to evidence outside of what the CPS office says is the evidence. Some federal intervention needs to take place in this system of deceit. There are more than 600 parents wrongfully accused in Kitsap County. NO OTHER COUNTY has the numbers as high as this. The citizens need to know what their money is going to pay for, kidnapping of their children to pay the salary for the CPS workers. Kitsap County gets federal money for every child that is in their service. This may explain the corruption based ethnics being promoted by this office.

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