Crime and Justice Week in Review: Oct. 24-30

A smörgåsbord of Kitsap County news from the past week is available below.

Oct. 30
Kitsap Coroner Sees Better Future Coming in Third Term
Though his job is often about all things morbid, Greg Sandstrom believes the Kitsap County Coroner s Office is more about the living than it is the dead.

Oct. 28
Seabeck Man Who Killed Dad Will Serve Life Without Parole
A Kitsap County Superior Court judge sentenced a Seabeck man to life in prison without the possibility of parole Friday for the October 2004 shooting death of his father.

Former Teacher Guilty of Having Kid Porn
A former Bainbridge High School teacher pleaded guilty Friday in Kitsap County Superior Court to possessing child pornography.

Oct. 27
All Over Kitsap, Boats That Save Lives
The Navy maintains security boats around its Kitsap installations including the Bangor and Bremerton bases that have been used in impromptu fashion as rescue boats, such as in last Friday’s incident.

Oct. 26,2403,BSUN_19088_5094900,00.html“>A Growing Rash of Fatal Crashes
Deaths in 2006 from car accidents in Kitsap County have skyrocketed in the past three months, a trend that has alarmed area law enforcement and the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

Oct. 24
Police Chief: PO Bar Must Comply or Face ‘Drastic Measures’
The chief of the Port Orchard Police Department said Monday that police will be taking “drastic measures” to stop violence at a local Bay Street bar if the bar s owners can t fix the problem themselves.

2 thoughts on “Crime and Justice Week in Review: Oct. 24-30


    Perhaps the Crime Reporter has the details on this question: what was the response time for BIPD to the scene? Was response time cut down now that we have a new Deputy Police Chief, or have motorcycles on order, or have a fleet of late-model cruisers?
    How will the Chamber of Commerce cover this one? The story seems to run against the grain as BI as an idyllic playground of the rich and content.
    Is there a tie-in to the BISD #303 teacher arrested for child pornography with illegal use of school computers? Think about it.
    The main purpose of government is to make our lives safe. We seem to have been let down.

  2. Government is us. We elect the ‘public servants’ to govern wisely.
    I thought the main purpose of government was to govern for the benefit of all…nothing said about “safe”…
    …and BI isn’t unique…didn’t Kitsap County have a public official play with porn on government computers?
    BI does have the disadvantage of plush ferries that Kingston and Bremerton folks don’t have to worry about…

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