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Opportunities Abound

Lock your doors.

That’s the simple message given by law enforcement in response to growing “opportunity crimes” in Kitsap County.

And if today’s story didn’t make you want to secure your belongings, here’s another possible scenario that might, from Bainbridge Island Police Lieutenant Bob Day.

Day worries residents don’t get how an easily averted property crime could become “a violent encounter.”

He gives the example of a resident who comes home to find an offender inside, thanks to that unlocked door. The offender attempts to escape, perhaps even attempting to injure the homeowner in doing so. Even worse — what if the offender decides the opportunity presents itself to rob the homeowner with a weapon, Day asks.

“Something that was easily preventable by locking a door could become a barricaded hostage situation,” Day said.

Day’s tips? Lock your house, car and even mailbox, moves that would cut down opportunity thefts drastically.

Anyone want to share their own “opportunity theft story?”

Insert Your Headline Here

If you could write the headlines for tomorrow’s edition of the Kitsap Sun, what would they be?

I know as a reporter/blogger, one of the main reasons I love maintaining this web log is getting ideas from you for stories. And it just so happens one of you inspired a story in today’s paper.

Reader Charles Prine wrote this to the blog yesterday:

Just wondering why the three robberies in the same area in less than a week have not been listed here or in the 911 log? Horse & Cow, 19th Hole, and Hank’s Grocery have all been robbed in one week’s time frame and all 3 are within a couple block radius?

I took Mr. Prine’s inquiry to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office yesterday. Robberies, they were not; burglaries, they were, confirmed Deputy Scott Wilson.

Prine was right on the money, hence this story we ran today about the thefts.

So if you ever think you might be onto a headline … let me know!

Crimes of Opportunity

Have you ever been the victim of a burglary? A car theft? Has someone ever stolen your mail? Maybe even your car?

If so, have you wished you’d provided yourself just one more layer of protection — one more lock on the door, a car alarm, for instance — that might have thwarted off the culprits?

Undoubtedly, if you’ve been victimized, you have. And I’d like to hear your story.

I’m currently working on a piece about “crimes of opportunity” — basically, anytime a thief doesn’t have to try hard to get at your stuff.

Opportunity theft happens everywhere, but statistically, it’s been increasing over the last few years in the North Kitsap area and Bainbridge Island — places where in some cases residents need only lock a door and the thief might have moved on.

Got a story to tell?

Swift Seas of Justice

As of Sept. 16, there were six pending murder trials in Kitsap County Superior Court.

Today, there is only one.

Kimberly Forder, 44, is charged with homicide by abuse and first-degree manslaughter in the death of her 8-year-old son, Christopher Forder, on Nov. 24, 2002. She remains in Kitsap County Jail on $1 million bail.

Kitsap County Prosecutors scored two guilty verdicts before juries and received three guilty pleas to nearly wipe clean the slate of those awaiting trials for homicide.

Guilty by trial were Martin Warren, a 36-year-old Seabeck man convicted of the first-degree shooting death murder of his father, Russell Warren, in October 2004, and Richeal Rhoades, 22, ruled guilty of second-degree murder due to the December 2005 neglectful death of her daughter, Brenda, in Jackson Park.

Warren received a life sentence and Rhoades an 18 year sentence.

Those pleading guilty were: Larry Clark, 33, to the first-degree murder and stabbing death of Marty Smith, a Kitsap Mental Health professional in Poulsbo in November 2005; Bryan Matsen, to the first-degree murder and shooting deaths of his wife and step-son in East Bremerton, also in November 2005; and Zachary Santos, 20, to the second-degree shooting death of John Taueli, 23, in an East Bremerton parking lot in August 2006.

Clark received a 30-year sentence; Santos a 16-year recommended sentence from prosecutors; and Matsen a recommended life sentence without the possibility of parole.