‘Justice for All’ Stories Around Washington

In Sunday’s edition of the Kitsap Sun, I told you the story of Jackie Van Dorn, an NK mother of two whose children were taken by their father — and whom at one time, Van Dorn thought she might never see again.

Van Dorn’s story was made possible by Kitsap Legal Services and Washington’s Alliance for Equal Justice group, both of which are pushing the issue of the plight of the poor in receiving civil legal help.

The alliance hosted events across the state, and I wanted to give you a chance to view the various reports.

Yakima (The Yakima Herald-Republic)

Vancouver (The Columbian)

Everett (The Herald)

2 thoughts on “‘Justice for All’ Stories Around Washington

  1. Congratulations and thank you to the Kitsap Legal Services and Washington’s Alliance for Equal Justice for providing legal assistance to those who might otherwise be ignored and swept under the counter.
    No one should be denied medical or legal assistance for lack of funds.
    No one.
    America is about Justice For All….and the Jackie Van Dorn’s story is one to lighten the heart and brighten the day.

  2. Kitsap Legal Services(aka Northwest Justice Project) is in bed with the local judges. They violate men’s rights everyday. I didn’t have the money for an attorney (I’m a US citizen/tax payer), but my wife got two free attorneys and she wasn’t even a US citizen. Some equal justice (NOT!) There is no justice in Kitsap Superior Court. Time to look at what these people are doing and were they get their funding. Sometimes I would be in court (pro se) and there would be 6 people surrounding me/against me. Some justice for all!! If your a woman you get a free advocate, attorneys, counceling, money. If your a man you get the shaft!!
    There needs to be a media investigation of the whole legal system in Kitsap County! Me thinks something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

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