The Civil Justice Forum?

Yesterday, we broke a story of lawsuit to be paid to at least eight women who had been sexually harassed while working or applying to work at the Horseshoe Lake Golf Course in South Kitsap.

Joan Erlich, district director of the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s San Francisco office, told me by phone yesterday that the case was one of the “grossest” she’s seen in almost three decades of work for the commission.

She told me that her office has a committed team of lawyers who work on cases just like this one frequently, and that the job can be “discouraging,” especially because we’re “forty years from the Civil Rights Act,” she said.

About $367,000 will be paid by the owners of Horseshoe to eight women, with an additional trust fund established to pay others who come forward for damages.

3 thoughts on “The Civil Justice Forum?

  1. Shame too … such remarks must have been overheard by male members of the public from time to time, yet no one came forward in protest.
    We may be 40 years from the Civil Rights Act in terms of changing race discrimination … we seem to be only moments away in terms of the Civil Rights Act discrimination against women.
    Why didn’t anyone – male – stop the chauvinist, Horseshoe golf course co-owner and former general manager Alex Roland?
    His mother must be so ashamed…

  2. The “good old boy” stuff still continues. I’ve worked with men who said things to and about women employees and coworkers that would shock many of their families. They get away with it because the women affected often can’t afford to protest and the men hearing it need their jobs, too. For men who love the women in their lives, listening to the “stuff” at work can be very uncomfortable.

    “Tailhook” wasn’t that long ago.

  3. “The good old boy syndrome”…exactly what someone said to me yesterday when I related the story.
    The thing is…where were the MEN?
    People get away with wrong things because WE do not speak up!
    Do folks like Roland only abuse verbally in front of boys and weak or vunerable women?
    Scary thought for the future…that we are lacking in MEN to speak up for those of us who cannot speak up for ourselves.
    What role does mom play when their sons grow up with such little respect for women?
    Speak up, guys, next time you overhear such disrespect… because the next woman so verbally abused might well be your own daughter.

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