Warren Trial Coverage

Click below for the Kitsap Sun’s complete coverage of the Martin Warren first-degree murder trial.

Oct. 11
First-Degree Murder Verdict for Killer of Father
Martin Warren of Seabeck is guilty of first-degree murder in the October 2004 shooting death of his father, a Kitsap County jury decided this afternoon.

Oct. 10
Warren Trial: Planned Killing or Crime of Passion?
Martin Warren, 36, pulled the trigger on his .38-caliber handgun and fired four bullets into his father, Russell Warren, 61, nearly two years ago in Seabeck.

Oct. 6
Prosecutor Tries to Puncture Murder Defendant’s Story
Holding up the .38-caliber handgun alleged to have killed Russell Warren, county Deputy Prosecutor Jim Mitchell told Warren’s son, Martin, that the murder in the family’s Seabeck-area double-wide could have been simpler.

Oct. 5
Doctor: Man Accused of Murdering Father ‘Feared’ Him
Martin Warren endured a childhood filled with “anxiety and fear and abuse, primarily from his father,” according to a psychologist testifying at Warren’s first-degree murder trial today.

Defendant Says He Doesn’t Remember Day of Murder
Five days on a methamphetamine binge with no sleep: Martin Warren remembers little of the day he’s alleged to have shot his father to death.

Sept. 28
Mother: Shooting Victim ‘Was Not a Good Man’
In the frenzied, panic-struck moments in which her ex-husband was killed and her two sons began shooting toward each other, Dortha Warren said she was just trying to keep everyone alive.

Sept. 27
Deadly Confrontation Recounted at Warren Trial
At first, Ivan Warren couldn t tell what shiny object was in his brother’s hands.

Sept. 26
Murder Trial: A Case of ‘Rage’ or ‘Snapping’?
Is it a simple case about rage taken to its ultimate conclusion or a more complex matter of a father who became more and more destructive until his son suddenly snapped?

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