You Said Crime

Combating crime was said to be the “number-one priority of residents and citizens,” of Kitsap, according to a county-hired research group, whose findings were just released.

In the Kitsap Sun’s story, by one of my fellow reporters, Brynn Grimley, the research group interviewed more than 500 county residents, and found that most, “would like to see more tax dollars used to reduce violent and nonviolent crime in the area.”

The survey also found that residents are pleased with county law enforcement’s response to violent and non-violent crime — just that battling it is what they want to see their county government most focused on.

This year’s survey differed from 2004, when residents cited maintaining roads, creating living-wage jobs and planning for growth as more important than combating crime, Grimley said in the story.

Just what does the survey mean for Kitsap? North Kitsap Commissioner Chris Endresen commented in the story that 64 percent of the county’s budget already goes for law enforcement and combating crime.

But with the new survey out, perhaps the commissioners will weigh allocating more resources in that direction.

One thought on “You Said Crime

  1. “North Kitsap Commissioner Chris Endresen commented … that 64 percent of the county’s budget already goes for law enforcement and combating crime.”
    Then it is not enough to combat crime.
    Why do we have so many REPEAT crimes?
    Vandals hit the same place over and over… why do we not have stakeouts (use reserves) at the popular (destroy) sites, or use hidden cameras?
    Why do we keep playing the silly game of ‘catch me’?
    Let’s catch them. Then charge their parents and/or insurance company for the damage.
    What do you want to bet that if parents were made to pay for their children’s destruction of property, they would keep a more careful eye on them?
    Who is in charge of catching these criminals? What needs to be done to catch them and throw them in jail?

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