Who Started the Fire?

As temperatures have been rising this summer, so too have the number of “tones” I hear on the emergency channel scanner (which I listen to religiously while on the job).

The general rule is the longer the tone, the more emergency vehicles are dispatched. And around here, that means fires require lengthy tones.

I didn’t hear the one the tones that went out over the scanner late June 24, as flames danced and destroyed a massive Bainbridge Island home not yet completely built.

This home was a $2.9 million, 5,790 square-foot undertaking on Tolo Road, and on Wednesday, it was ruled an arson by the Bainbridge Fire and Police Departments.

Speculation has been rampant about what caused the blaze. Theories abound that certain residents may have acted on the fact they weren’t too happy about the home’s proximity to a sensative wetland, according to the Bainbridge Buzz, a popular island blog and news site.

So was it ‘eco-terrorism‘? Was it some kind of horrible revenge?

Was it just some sick teenage prank?

For now, all we know it was set by unknown perpetrators.

Anyone with information can call a 24-hour arson investigation hotline at (206) 780-4696.

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