Prevent an Attack

Bremerton police confirmed Thursday that a man attempted to rape a woman who
was jogging across the Olympic College campus May 24.

The woman, 29, escaped without being sexual assaulted, but she was injured.

Below is a series of tips designed to help you avoid attacks, and to help
you escape if you are attacked.

A special thanks to the California
Department of Justice’s Crime and Violence Prevention Center
for the
following advice.

How to avoid attacks:
* Stay away from places known to be problem spots, especially at night
* Consider your alternatives and responses if confronted by an attacker
* Practice those responses so you’ll be able to do them under pressure
* Make sure all your doors have effective locks. Don’t open your door for
* Don’t admit that you’re alone if strangers approach you or call you
* If you come home and believe your home’s been broken into, don’t go
inside. Instead, call 911 and wait for police to come
* Travel with friends and try to do so only in well-lit areas. Park your
car, too, in well-lit areas
* Walk close to the curb to avoid places where attackers could hide
* Walk with confidence: rapists look for vulnerability
* Consider a weapon, but use careful research before making an investment
* If you are in danger, scream, run and yell

If you are attacked:
* Continually rethink the situation — if one strategy isn’t working, use
* Strategies? Try stalling, negotiating, distractions, screaming and
physical resistance

If you are raped:
* Go to a safe place as soon as possible
* Call 911 and report the incident
* Do not wash any clothes or shower until going to the hospital
* Always remember that you are the victim — there’s nothing to be ashamed

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