Crime and Justice Week in Review: May 22-28

The county’s district court is all in for re-election. A Seabeck man who was allegedly molested by his own father was caught by federal authorities trying to lure a child for sex over the internet. And the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office unveiled its newest undercover method of transportation.

Get all of last week’s crime and justice news below.

May 28
4 District Judges Seek Re-Election
The four current Kitsap County District Court judges have announced they d like to keep their jobs for another four years.
May 27
It’s Sleek. It’s Black. And It’s Itching to Give Tickets
Kitsap Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Merrill doesn’t bear much resemblance to Michael Knight, David Hasselhoff’s character in the classic series Knight Rider.
May 25
Kitsap Man Arrested in D.C. Sex Sting
A 38-year-old Seabeck man arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex from a minor was himself sexually abused by his father, according to court documents.

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