A Simple Search

What turned out to be a simple Google search by my fellow Kitsap Sun reporter, Elaine Helm, was key in bringing together one of today’s front page stories.

Elaine, the military and ferries reporter, had googled the name of a man whom Washington D.C. authorities had just busted for attempted to solicit sex over the internet from underage teens.

His name didn’t turn up immediately; but his father’s did.

In November 2005, Rodger J. Arntt, Sr., was convicted of first-degree child rape. Court reports and a chat with the Kitsap prosecutor on the case, Kelly Montgomery, told us that Arntt Sr.’s son – arrested in D.C. – was also sexually abused by his father.

The statistics of offenders who were abused as children is all too tragic – around 60 percent. We felt this was a critical detail to reporting the story.

Arntt Jr. won’t be making a court appearance until June 8 in U.S. District Court, back in D.C. We’ll keep you posted.

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