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Local resident Bill Lockridge asked this question recently on the blog, concerning DUIs in Washington:

“Isn’t there a relative new State mandate (RCW) that puts most DUI offenders on EHM?”

In doing a little research on EHM — Electronic Home Monitoring — I found that after the first DUI offense, the court CAN impose 15 days of the system (which also can include a breathalyzer at the owner’s expense). But the court isn’t oblgated to do so.

For the second offense (and beyond it), however, EHM is mandated for 60 days.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

One thought on “Electronic Home Monitoring

  1. It’s true, 60 days of EHM is mandatory for a second DUI, as long as the BAC is less than .15. That’s after a mandatory 30 days in jail. The 15 days you reference for a first offense is an option instead of the otherwise mandatory 24 hours in jail. It gets complex after that.
    For a third or subsequent DUI, 120 days of EHM is required after 90 days in jail. For a second, or subsequent, add 30 days of EHM if the BAC is .15 or greater. And of course, all DUIs have mandatory jail. The time, like the EHM afterwards, depends on history and BAC.
    A somewhat recent change your reader may have heard about is an ignition interlock device. It is now mandatory for at least one year for any DUI, and more if you have had an IID in the past. That restriction starts after the license suspension, which is from 90 days to 4 years, depending on priors and BAC level.
    Lots of information, I know. And I haven’t even mentioned the new bill signed this year, allowing certain DUIs to be filed as felonies, depending on priors. That goes in to effect next year.
    Hope this is useful (and not too much) information.

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