Law Day Less Than 3 Weeks Away

The Kitsap County Bar Association’s Annual Law Day Celebration, held May 5 at the Kitsap County Courthouse, is just a few weeks away. Anyone is invited to attend the event, which begins at 8:30 a.m.

Law Day was established by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 “to draw attention to both the principles and practice of law and justice,” according to the U.S. Library of Congress.

A ceremony, as well as a special appearance and hearing of cases by one of the state’s court of appeals, will be among the highlights.

It also gives students a chance to showcase their skills and knowledge in interpreting the law through its annual essay contest. Winners receive cash prizes and are awarded before Kitsap’s top judicial officers at the May 5 event.

Only one question needs to be answered per student. The questions are as follows:

#1:A student you know at your school starts verbally harassing another student and calling him names. He asks her to stop it and tries to walk away from her, but she follows him and continues yelling with verbal harassment.

In your opinion, should the law protect someone from verbal harassment when there is no physical harassment? If the law should give protection, how? Why? Please give reasons for your opinion.

#2:A man robs a bank and is arrested. The police tell the accused he has a right to remain silent, a lawyer will be appointed for him and a speedy Court hearing will be held for him. At Court, the Judge tells the accused the charges against him, he has a right to a speedy and public trial and to apply for bail.

Later that day a woman is arrested for making a bomb threat at her college. She did plant a bomb at the college. She is told by the police she was arrested under the U.S. Anti-Terrorist law and she does not have any of the rights that the bank robber does.

In your opinion should a person accused of an anti-terrorist crime have less rights then a person accused of a non-terrorist crime? Which rights if any should the accused terrorist not have? Why? Please give reasons for your opinion.

#3: A woman is shopping at a grocery store in the morning and severely injures her back when she falls on a floor spill. She told the store manager about the spill but they did not clean it up. That evening a man breaks into the grocery store to steal food for his hungry family. He falls on the same floor spill and also severely injures his back.

The woman and the man each sue the store owner for severe back injuries. In your opinion, should the woman and the man receive the same compensation for their serious injuries? Should they receive different compensation? If they should receive different compensation, what should the difference be and why? Please give reasons for your opinion.

Completed essays should be sent to Bremerton Attorney Ron Anderson, at:
645 Fourth Street
No. 205
Bremerton, WA 98337

If you’re an adult (or a student who still wants to), feel free to debate any points of the questions below.

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