Tribune: Students Planned School Plot

Four Key Peninsula Middle School students allegedly planned to bring stolen guns to school to shoot staff members and set the school on fire, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Office personnel said they’d foiled the plan, according to a story by Stacey Mulick, which led to the arrest of three boys ages 12, 13 and 14.

For Kitsap Sun readers – especially those affiliated with Central Kitsap Junior High School – this tale is all too familiar.

We reported this week that prosecutors are still waiting for possible evidence before deciding whether to charge a Central Kitsap 14-year-old with his own gun-to-school plot.

That plan had revolved around bringing a 9 mm handgun to school to shoot the principal an blow up part of CK Junior High with homemade explosives.

Specifically, Kitsap Prosecutors are waiting on the computer the Kitsap boy used for Internet searches to see just how close his plans were to fruition.

There is no way to know whether the four Key Peninsula Middle School students would have carried out the plan. There’s also no way to know whether the 14-year-old at Central Kitsap Junior High School would have.

But sadly, plots such as these have been played out in schools across the country.

In my mind, there are two questions I’m most curious about in these situations:

1. What makes teens so angry that they’d resort to this type of violence at their own school?

2. How far do they have to go in planning the event in order for criminal charges to be brought against them?

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