Some Missing, Others Found

Investigators still haven’t determined the cause of death of two bodies found in Puget Sound Jan. 15.

Margarett A. Kirkpatrick, 53, whose body was found in Liberty Bay near her home of Poulsbo, and Shanan Lynn Read, 33, whose body was found between Manchester and Blake Island, were spotted within hours of each other.

Read, whose last known contact with anyone hadn’t been since September 2005, has had her death categorized as “suspicious,” by Kitsap County Sheriff’s Detectives. Kirkpatrick’s, too, is still under investigation by Poulsbo Police. However, she had only been missing for two days when she was found.

When someone goes missing, the end result, however, isn’t always a death. A recent case in Jefferson County provides an example.

Michael May, a 45-year-old Seattle resident who owns property in Port Ludlow, went missing Jan. 14, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. His wife said he’d gotten some bad family news and had taken off.

But on Jan. 19, May was found by a sheriff’s sergeant, near the Port Ludlow Golf Course. Aside from appearing “very cold,” he was reunited with his wife a short time later.

Back in Kitsap, searches for two local residents go on: Joe Pichler, 19, a Bremerton resident who went missing Jan. 5, and Betty Jean Boyce, 43, a South Kitsap resident last seen Sept. 15, 2005. Pichler’s search gathered national attention, as he had a prolific career as a child film actor in Hollywood.

Mason County, too has a list on its sheriff’s web site listing missing persons, that can be found here.

Have you ever had to help find a missing person? What has the experience been like? Feel free to share below. We’re also looking for details on any of the aforementioned cases.

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