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Money may not mean as much as we think

Most of our attention regarding campaign finance will be on the local impact and local sources of campaign money, but I thought you might take an interest in a story from the Washington Post.

Mitt Romney will very likely draw in more money than Barack Obama, but there’s little reason to suspect that will matter all that much. When I saw the headline for the story, Money gap may not matter so much in November, my first guess was that after so much money enough is enough. That was part of it.

“Nobody’s going to win or lose this election on the basis of not having enough money,” said Bob Biersack, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign money. “Each of them is going to have around $700 [million to] $800 million available. The idea that that’s not enough is just bizarre.”

Other issues are that it’s historically easier for a presidential challenger to outraise the incumbent and that in some ways a small donation is just as effective as a big one in terms of what you get from the donor besides the money.

It’s well worth the read.