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Public records battle in Tacoma

In Tacoma a contract between a cable company and a network has opened a public records dispute.

The (Tacoma) News Tribune wants to see the contract between Fisher Communications and Click Cable, which delivers cable service in the Tacoma area.

Since Click is owned by the city, the News Tribune and the Tacoma city attorney argue that the contract with Fisher and other broadcasters is public. Four broadcasters are suing to block a News Tribune public record request to see the contract between Fisher and Click, saying the revelation would harm the broadcasters’ negotiation position nationwide.

This all stems from a dispute that for a while had Click customers unable to watch Fisher content, including KOMO. You should read the TNT piece I linked above to get the details about this particular dispute. Suffice to say that I can’t think of any other city contract that escapes the sunshine of the state’s public records law. And I know that when I did a story recently on a labor dispute related to Bremerton’s Burwell parking garage, contracts and subcontracts would have been available to me.

I’ve made a request from an expert as to what I could expect if I were to make this kind of document request to a private cable company. I’ll update when I have more info.

No endorsement needed

UPDATE: Candidate Stephan Brodhead shed further light on the response he gave to the News Tribune. While he’s still not happy the reporter posted just a part of his letter, he apologizes to the paper and to another candidate. And he takes shots at Democrats Derek Kilmer and Norm Dicks.

With the August primary next on the election calendar newspapers and others are inviting candidates in for frank discussions about policy and campaign goals. The News Tribune in Tacoma invited Stephan Brodhead, one of five Republicans running to replace Democrat Norm Dicks in Congress, in for a chat and it seems he is not interested.

I have never subscribed to the Tacoma News Tribune or used their classified or advertising services. I found their classified ad cost to be ridiculously priced, and I use Craigslist to advertise my rentals. I use Google to get my news; hence, asking for an endorsement from your obsolete “Obama Yellow Press” makes no sense whatsoever.

Point of clarification: While Brodhead might first see his news from Google, the company doesn’t actually report news itself, it links to publications like this one, and the News Tribune.

He said more, but instead of being like The Huffington Post and copying and pasting it, I’ll be like Google and give you a link to it.