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Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Barack Obama at Feb. 8 rally in Seattle. Seattle Post-Intelligencer photo by Joshua Trujillo. See it here.

Many times people will bring up subjects such as what’s in the title because they’re bored and they have a hard time seeing beyond their own state’s borders. That’s not what is going on here.

I brought it up because I heard former speaker of the California State Assembly and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown suggest it the other night.

On one of the late-night shows on election night (My attempts to pinpoint which show failed.) Brown said Obama (should he get the Democratic nomination) might want to pick a woman as a running mate, either the senator from Missouri or the governor of Washington.

So I thought I’d do some checking to see if there’s evidence that anyone else of any repute has made the same suggestion.

Ann Medlock writes at Huffington Post:

“Obama/Gregoire 08. I’m looking for a downside and I can’t find it.”

I’m sure someone here can.