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A Taps Story Worth Repeating

At Monday’s service in Port Orchard it was mentioned that Wayne Matz wanted to be at the event, but was in the hospital. Joseph Hovey played a flawless rendition of Taps in his place.

Matz’ absence is significant. You’ll understand why if you read the story former Kitsap Sun reporter Niki King wrote in 2005 about Matz and about Taps. King was not long out of college when she was with us, but she brought with her youth ample story-telling skill. For the subject matter, it sure was appropriate.

Former full-time Kitsap Sun photographer Steve Zugschwerdt took the photo you see here, as well as others.

King’s story follows.

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Memorial Day 2010

James M. Olsen of Bainbridge Island, shared this photo and a letter he sent to the editor thanking Kitsap Mall for its Memorial Day display. He describes it as “above and beyond the usual merchandised treatment of Memorial Day.” I agree.

Even as we question whether winter has officially overstayed its welcome, I am certain that especially in this area we generally don’t forget why we have the day off, or get paid more for working it. Here’s Olsen’s letter.

The Kitsap Mall showcase of Service Men & Women Past and Present (on display at the Center Court) is a moving and dignified tribute to our nation’s veterans on this special weekend.  Laid out on long decorated tables are acrylic display frames with hundreds of photographs and identifying information.  As I examined each photograph, vividly alive were the images of veterans from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, First Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  These veterans are the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles of all of us  Particular heart-wrenching are the photographs of those killed in action.  The photos represent the military services of USMC, US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, and US Air Force. 

My sincere thanks to the management of Kitsap Mall for this very special commemoration that is clearly above and beyond the usual merchandised treatment of Memorial Day.  And kudos to Angie Pomeroy who coordinated this display with the public. 

James M. Olsen, Captain, US Coast Guard (retired)

Bainbridge Island