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Appleton chief name on bill to remove felony tag on possession of small amounts of drugs.

State Rep. Sherry Appleton, D-Poulsbo, plans to be the prime sponsor during the 2014 legislative session on a bill that turn possession drugs in small amounts into a misdemeanor.

Sensible Washington, an organization that has backed relaxed drug laws (but not Initiative 502, which voters passed in November) is pushing the bill and announced Tuesday that Appleton would be the primary sponsor in the House. She will be joined by Vancouver’s Jim Moeller, Joe Fitzgibbon of Burien, Chris Reykdal of Tumwater and Jesslyn Farrell of Seattle have agreed to be cosponsors. All are Democrats.

The bill would turn possession of more than 40 grams of marijuana and small amounts of other drugs into a misdemeanor, unless prosecutors can prove there was an intent to distribute the drugs. The maximum jail sentence would be 90 days.

Sensible Washington plans to find sponsors in the Senate to file a companion bill.

Over the years Appleton had sponsored multiple bills that would decriminalize marijuana.

Sensible Washington’s press release follows.

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On Pot, Bainbridge and Bremerton Agree

Back in the day, as in a few months ago, there was a nice little give and take between Bremerton and Bainbridge Island on the Bremelog. For the record I suspect sock puppetry, really, and the moderator has now become a Bremerton slumlord and bolted from the finer side of the sound. There isn’t much going on over at the Bremelog anymore.

Still, there are real differences between Bremerton and Bainbridge Island, namely the kinds of Toyotas we drive and the quality of our ferries. When I covered the island I always approached the supposed snootiness of islanders as overblown. But last Saturday my family and I went with family members who were visiting the area from Vancouver, B.C. to play in soccer matches on the island against island teams. Some guy wearing a BIFC scarf asked us if we were from Canada. My wife pointed to her sister and said she was, but that we were from Bremerton. Our islander acquaintance lost interest in us. It made me feel better about the fact that my nephews totally trounced the island kids. One of my nephews scored three goals, one with his right foot.

Nonetheless, it appears there is something on which the elect on the island and the great unwashed in Bremerton can agree: marijuana laws.

The Seattle Times has a story about marijuana legalization efforts in California and includes information about a signature-gathering effort here in Washington to get something on the November ballot. Included was this:

It’s “a little less predictable” to gather signatures with an all-volunteer staff, Dawdy said, but the group has had success across the state. He said one signature-gatherer working the Bainbridge Island ferry run collected 800 signatures in 21/2 weeks and that a Bremerton head shop collected 400 by putting a copy of the petition on the counter.

I assume the head shop is Pied Piper’s, but there may be other shops I don’t know about. Since I don’t have much demand for their products, I’m not a customer. The one time I did go in was when the store had to move the first time, out of the space it once had where the Tim Ryan building is now. I naively asked if it was a place to buy things to help to smoke pot. I was informed it was a clothing store, a place where one could buy artistic pieces of glass. It was true. There was clothing and glasswork. The shirt was very comfortable on me when I later smoked from a glass pipe I bought there using pot I bought from my island source. I kid. The source was from Port Orchard. I kid again.

Now it’s easy to assume that ferry commuters on Bainbridge are not from the same demographic as artistic glass aficionados in Bremerton. But my point to to that scarf-wearing dude at the soccer game is that we’re not so different. We can find common ground.

I wonder if one of the 800 signatures on Bainbridge came from this guy. I can’t tell you how glad I am when something like this didn’t happen in Bremerton.