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First in Kitsap: Representation for one month

The First congressional will have an election at the end of this year and it will be in the old boundaries. That means residents who live in the current first district (me and about half the county) will vote for a member of congress in two different districts.

The first will be the one to temporarily replace Jay Inslee, who resigned as congressman to run full time for governor. The other will be to vote for the replacement for Norm Dicks, who retires at the end of this term.

So if you’ve ever wanted to be a member of Congress, but two years is just too dang long, this could be your chance to fill in temporarily, get a decent little salary, free mail and a travel allowance.

The governor’s press release follows.

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Olsen finds a video

So James Olsen, known for many things political but most recently candidate for the state House of Representatives this year and in 2010, sends out this email with the message:

Friends — I received this link in the email- Democrat Donkey Game. Oh, so true. You will recognize many of the Donkey gamers from around the area.

While his statement that he “received this link in the email” might be technically true, I wouldn’t blame if you suspect he knew it was coming.

In 2010 a guy in Colorado got wind of Olsen and did three anti-Olsen videos. The other two have a robot dancing in underwear. The following one has production problems, but it’s short and you get the point.