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Turkey Haze, running through my brain

Here are a few items of interest to a post-Thanksgiving America. Excuse me, while I kiss this guy.

The Seattle Times reports the U.S. Department of Justice believes the Seattle Police Department’s policy of letting officers refuse to incriminate themselves is too broad and is applied to too many situations.

The Washington Post reports on an effort to get a middle-ground candidate on the 2012 ballot. The biggest question for me is raised in the story. Who is out there now who would be willing to sign on to this as a candidate running against someone else in the same party. Only someone with nothing to lose, methinks. That means someone who either doesn’t have a prayer of ever winning anyway, or someone who doesn’t care whether the party members get mad. A national version of Tim Sheldon, perhaps.

Obama’s campaign operation is working somewhat quietly in Chicago. The Washington Post reports on some of the pros and cons of being in Chicago and details a few of the efforts the group is undertaking.