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Deep breath. Time for Another Live Election Video

Forgotten in the hubbub of the Saturday and Monday live broadcasts of town hall meetings was any mention that our ongoing series of editorial board interviews with candidates continues this week. (The meetings were well “attended” here, by the way, with an estimate of around 400 viewers on Saturday and a few hundred more Monday.)

There won’t be as much shouting and probably no chants will break out, but maybe Gardner will still fact-check us post mortem. In any case, we will be broadcasting on tonight at 5 p.m., beginning with Port Orchard City Council Position 2 candidates Cindy Lucarelli and Carolyn Powers. At 5:45 or so, we’ll have Fred Chang and Amy Igloi-Matsuno, candidates for position 6.

To find the live videos, head to our main page or here. That’s also where you’ll find our archives from the election season.

(Note: The schedule says we’re interviewing Bozeman, but that had to be rescheduled for later in September. Watch that page, we’ll update soon.)

— David Nelson

Election Interviews Resume

We’re a week and a day past the primary, which in today’s political speed-warp probably means seven days late on starting our general election coverage.

Relax junkies, we’ve got live politics starting again tonight.

Continuing our series of live editorial board interviews, we’ll pick up with the two candidates for Poulsbo Mayor, Kathryn Quade and Becky Erickson, at 5 p.m.

Then at 5:45, we’ll host Judge James Docter and Ed Wolfe, the two candidates for Bremerton Municipal Court Judge.

There will be a link on the homepage to get to the video, and they’ll be archived here when we finish. If you have questions you’d like asked, leave them in the comments or email me at

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CK School Board Interview: Looking for Questions

Tomorrow we’ll cap off the editorial board interviews for the primary with the three candidates for Central Kitsap School District Director 5. Starts at 5 p.m.

This is the race we’re not endorsing a candidate in, and the editorial board won’t be involved in the interview. That’s because one of the candidates, Richard Romero, was a community member of the board until deciding to run. We asked him to resign, and thought a conflict might be perceived if his former board members were questioning him.

I’ll conduct the interview with the three — the other two running are incumbent Eric Greene and Jim Zimny — which we want to do for our readers and to give the candidates a chance to debate one another. I’m soliciting questions from readers to use so the community can dictate the questioning. Please leave them in the comments below or email me at

We’ll begin around 5 p.m. tomorrow, watch it live here.

As usual we’ll archive the interview here on the Caucus, and accept questions from readers during the broadcast.

— David Nelson

Session Two of the Bremerton School Board Interviews

Tuesday the editorial board interviewed candidates for Bremerton School Board positions 1 and 5, last night we came back with the three running for position 4. Video is below, if you missed it or want to watch the replay.

There is one thing to clarify. Early in the interview Bruce Woolnough cites an amount spent on the superintendent search since Bette Hyde’s initial resignation in 2008, a figure Cynthia Galloway, a board member during that time, disputed. We reported last August that consultant Gay Selby was paid around $3,300 for work on the interim search, which resulted in Hyde’s rehire. In February 2009 the school board approved a contract for $15,500 with a firm called Northwest Leadership,  who led the search that resulted in Flip Herndon’s hiring. The $15,500 is in line with a number Galloway offered during the interview last night.

— David Nelson

Video: Discussion with South Kitsap School Board Candidates

The Kitsap Sun editorial board interviewed South Kitsap School Board Dist. 3 candidates Christopher Lemke, Naomi Polen and Gail Porter. Watch a recording of that by clicking on the video below. Due to an early technical difficulty, Porter’s opening introduction was cut off and audio does not start until 8 seconds in.

We’ll be live broadcasting more interviews with Kitsap candidates before the upcoming primary election and posting them on the Kitsap Caucus blog. You can find which ones are upcoming and watch them live at

Video: Poulsbo Council Candidates Discuss Issues

The Kitsap Sun editorial board interviewed Poulsbo City Council Position 7 candidates Kim Crowder, Tom Foley and Jim Henry. Watch a recording of that by clicking on the video below.

We’ll be live broadcasting more interviews with Kitsap candidates before the upcoming primary election and posting them on the Kitsap Caucus blog. You can find which ones are upcoming and watch them live at

Let Campaign Season Commence

David Nelson here, subbing for the vacationing Mr. Gardner. I’m sure he’d want you all to see the just-announced Eggs & Issues schedule, put on again this campaign season by the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Before I do that, a quick plug for our own editorial board meeting coming tonight. We’re interviewing candidates for the Port of Bremerton Comission seat held now by Cheryl Kincer, and we’ll broadcast the interview live on the website. Go to the homepage — — around 5:15 to watch and submit your own questions. After the meeting we’ll archive the video here on the Caucus, if you can’t watch tonight. Candidates from a different race will be in front of our board almost every Wednesday through July, and we’ll post a reminder of those here as they are scheduled.

Now then, the Eggs & Issues lineup:

July 7 – Bremerton Mayor: Daryl Daugs, Carlos Jara, Patty Lent, Will Maupin and Mike Shepherd

July 14 – Bremerton City Council District #7: Carol Arends and Gentry Lange

July 21 – Port of Bremerton Commissioner, District #1: Gene Hart, Lynn Horton and Roger Zabinski

July 28 – Bremerton School District, Position #1: Cynthia Large, Christianne Martin, Scott Rahm and J. David Rubie

August 4 – Bremerton School District, Position #4: David Boynton, Cynthia Galloway and Bruce Woolnough

August 11 – Bremerton School District, Position #5: Ruben Garcia, Carolynn Perkins and Kent Watkins

As usual, the forums are held at 7:30 a.m. at the Cloverleaf Bar and Grill in East Bremerton (1240 Hollis Street), and a no-host breakfast is available. After last year’s hubub over whether videotaping by the public is allowed, the Chamber requests that anyone looking to record a forum be approved in advance. Contact them at (360) 479-3579.