Keep those campaign ads and claims coming

During last year’s legislative race between Nathan Schlicher and Jan Angel we attempted to get to the truth or truthiness of the campaign ads sent by the candidates and their supporters. We also looked at claims made in debates and letters to the editor.

I hesitated for a few years to even embark on the task, because I feared fact-checking work would be an extremely challenging effort netting fuzzy results. I might have been right, but I believe the effort is worthwhile anyway. If nothing else, we provide context for the claims, and context is abundantly absent in campaign advertising.

One way 2013 was easier was that there was only one legislative race. And I had coworkers who lived in the 26th Legislative District who religiously delivered the ads that arrived in their mailboxes. One of those coworkers moved away and so far this year I’ve had one campaign ad put onto my desk. This year there promises to be plenty of advertising again in the 26th and maybe even more so in the 35th. The county races could include some ads, as will the congressional race.

So I’m asking for your help. If you receive an ad in the mail I’d love to see it. We then might engage in a fact-checking expedition, delivering our findings to you here on the Kitsap Caucus blog or in the daily paper.

There are a few ways you can deliver what you find.

1. Bring or mail the ad to Steven Gardner, Kitsap Sun, 545 Fifth St., Bremerton, WA 98337.

2. Email a scan of the ad, my preferred method, to

3. Email the text of the claim you wish to see vetted. Some ads include a citation (a bill, news story, etc.). Make sure to include those.

4. Call and leave a message with the ad’s content. I’m at 360-792-3343.

Thanks for your help!

13 thoughts on “Keep those campaign ads and claims coming

  1. Steve G. Your citations is the report where you infamously called out-of-state trial-layer money “networking.” That was a white-wash report and you know it. When that out-of-state $$$ carries over to 2014, it is a new fresh story. Nice try, Steve. G.

  2. Nice try, Olsen. Hansen has proven himself worthy of the office, working tirelessly for Kitsap County, returning vets, kids and the environment. It’s easy to see the truth. You’re jealous that Hansen has worked incredibly hard and has proven himself to coworkers nation wide that he is the best candidate for the position.

    What did you do in the Coast Guard Reserves? What did you do or not do that would keep your co-workers nation wide from investing in you?

  3. Thanks John . I have brought this site up myself . I believe a Marijane Milton is the go to person . I checked with the PDC and they have not filed in any way . But they have had campaign signs up
    Seems to be no person is willing to admit they are in charge or responsible for some of the comments made and people promoting their web page . They attack many political positions and have attacked many other candidates, also the republican party. .

    We had something similar in 2004 called the American Dream Coalition and attempted to hide while taking some shots at Chris Endresen . The Sun actually called them out on it in an editorial .

    Anyway these are their “political” signs, would be interesting to find out who paid for them .

  4. Thanks for posting that link, Mick. No idea who made them. Maybe, just maybe, someone was inspired by the Facebook group to make the signs.

    Character Counts – Defeat James Olsen, the Facebook group, does not attack anyone. It re-posts what Jim Olsen posts on the internet.

  5. Mick Sheldon, You’re welcome. As you know, I am not part of ‘Character Counts – Defeat James Olsen’, even though I consider it a PSA (Public Service Announcement), or as Smick puts it, “a community service”, and from time to time have been known to contribute words and information. Folks on the north side of the Agate Pass bridge aren’t as aware of your candidate’s real persona, and I’m a firm believer in an informed electorate. Not everybody looks at his Twitter account (if he still has one), or his FB account, but those, and the few publications that still allow his posts, are where he really shines. I don’t think your candidate really has a problem with it either. It’s just more free-speech and he’s a big fan (much to his own detriment on the campaign trail, lol). I have always encouraged him to speak loudly and often. Your candidate provides the fodder for CC and oddly enough, everytime you try to spin it up, as is your habit, they (CC) get more ‘likes’. Funny how that works. I don’t pay much attention to CC. I already know all I need to know about your candidate and will always vote for the other candidate. Keep up the good work, Mice Sheldon. The more that know, the more that vote NO for JMO. Thanks again.

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