4 thoughts on “Jan Angel and Nathan Schlicher stick to the issues on TVW

  1. I’ll have to give it a watch to see if any questions about medical tort reform comes up since Mr. S has two oars in the water on that issue. Washington State must implement tort reform if we hope to solve medical issues and frivolous law suits.

  2. Super good fair interviewing and responses.
    Both candidates showed well I thought.
    It pointed out again the young thirty year old Nathan Schlichler is already a practicing lawyer and MD and now wants to be a practicing Senator.
    It didn’t mention his two young children and wife – they need him too.

    We need a full time Senator already seasoned who will fight for all of us.

    At this time we need a full focus on the job at hand. To me that means the fully engaged and experienced Rep Jan Angel as Senator of the 26th District.

  3. Sharon, perhaps you failed to notice that Nathan S is the serving senator in the 26th. He is experienced and has seen the passage of legislation of benefit to working men and women. Sadly, Mrs Angel is still learning the nature of being a state representative. Seemingly she needs the use of ALEC as a kind of crutch.

  4. Looking to Jan to win this tonight . For her district and the good of the state . Too long have we had one party rule , special favors to specific groups , and education has taken a back seat.

    If nothing else it may even help how we discuss issues , for too long it has been able to just attack the personality or promote a negative view of the republican and that was all was needed as Michael here has demonstrated .

    @Sharon I am with you on this one , Nathan would make any Dad proud , a smart kid with the discipline needed to achieve greatly in academia . But his immaturity or perhaps as you pointed out he has too many things going to handle it and has allowed the good old boys to take over his campaign and project the kind of pejorative harm to other views that usually happens more on the national level . I hope he had little to do with it anyway . Time for Olympia to start talking with each other , the republicans have already started the process with a coalition of both parties in their corner in the Senate . We can do it Washington !

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