2 thoughts on “Video of Angel, Schlicher and reporters on KING-5 from Sunday

  1. I didn’t know that King/Pierce/Snohomish media knew there was a Kitsap County, no less a 26th LD. Sounds like a call went in to media from House Speaker Frank Chopp to chop chop cover the story.

  2. Well done.
    The differences in the candidates are amazing and quite clear, If we want a government by the people, for the people- it is Jan Angel, hands down. She is one of us, the people – ordinary people who want a decent government – not a party government throwing huge sums of money against a candidate simply because it wants to control.
    She has the working and life experience this young man lacks.
    He has classroom experience beyond the ordinary person – lots of book learning, a good mind – does he understand and care about government for the people, by the people – or just for intellectuals?

    Jan Angel has the experience to work for us – she has my vote.

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