Five bills get sent to ballot

Under Initiative 960, legislation that raises any taxes is sent to voters for an advisory vote. Advisory votes carry no obligation on them, so the votes won’t overturn those tax increases.

The State Attorney General identified five legislative bills that triggered the advisory votes to be put on this year’s ballot in November. The AG’s press release follows:

Attorney General’s Office identifies tax measures subject to advisory vote

OLYMPIA… As required under Initiative 960, the Attorney General has sent written notice to the Secretary of State identifying legislation adopted in the 2013 legislative session that is subject to an advisory vote of the people under Initiative 960.

Under Initiative 960, legislation is subject to an advisory vote if it raises taxes —meaning that it “increases state tax revenue deposited into any fund, budget, or account,” and if it is not otherwise subject to a referendum vote. Fee increases are not subject to advisory votes.

The following legislation was identified as subject to an advisory vote in the November 2013 general election:

• ESHB 1846: Insurance—Stand Alone Dental Coverage

• 2E2SHB 1971: Communication Services

• EHB 2075: Education Legacy Trust Account—Estate and Transfer Tax

• SSB 5444: Property Assessments—Publicly Owned Property

• SB 5627: Taxes—Commuter Air Carriers

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