Open office hours with Commissioner Josh Brown

Brynn writes:

Commissioner Josh Brown will be at the Silverdale Library tomorrow from 3 to 5 p.m. to meet with constituents and talk with them about whatever they want to talk about.

This is something he’s been doing for more than a year, but it sounds like not too many people know about it, so the library is trying to raise awareness in hopes that more people will show up to talk with the commissioner. Here’s the details from the library’s event calendar:

Central Kitsap County Commissioner Josh Brown will be at the Silverdale Library every fourth Tuesday of the month for “Open Office Hours,” to meet with citizens to listen to their ideas and concerns. “Open Office Hours” are open to all residents and will run from 3:00-5:00pm in the Hess Room of the Silverdale Library located at 3450 NW Carlton St in Old Town Silverdale. No appointment is necessary. Visitors will be welcomed on a first-come basis and will have up to 10 minutes each to talk to Commissioner Brown about any topic related to county government.

Since he just returned from the Paris Airshow, if you go ask Josh how the City of Light was in the spring.

3 thoughts on “Open office hours with Commissioner Josh Brown

  1. Maybe if the hours were later than 5pm, more may be able to see him after their normal work day? And putting that last line as to the City of lights in the spring time, will just add fuel to the fire of those that saw no net worth for him to go.

  2. I just completed a two-minute meeting with Commissioner Brown, or should I say he completed his meeting with me. His first words reassured me that we were about to have an honest and open adult conversation. He said with his usual smirk, “If it’s not one of my favorite people”.
    I tried to explain to him that Parametrix had left over 400 acres of Ueland’s mining propery out of the Gorst Creek Watershed Characterization Study that is currently ongoing. Commissioner Brown replied that Bremerton has the lead on it, which is true, but the County is also involved.
    When I stated that there was no way that Parametrix and Bremerton couldn’t have known that the southern portion of the UTF mining property drains into Heins Creek. From there, the water goes downhill to the Gorst Creek Hatchery.
    Incomplete information form the Gorst Watershed is being used to write the future of Gorst. I think this grant was about $660,000.
    Commissioner Brown told me to leave, and that he didn’t want to the the maps and documents that I had with me.
    I suggested an exercise that Mr. Brown could accomplish, and he told me to “never come back”. Why would I waste any more of my time trying to talk to a power drunk punk?

  3. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask Commissioner Brown how much more important is the Jarstad Trail now since the Department of the Navy told Bremerton and Kitsap County to forget the Sinclair Inlet Trail. The Navy said the trail will NOT be built beside their railway tracks from Bremerton to Gorst.

    Last year the Chico Creek Task Force showed the County an existing trail (old logging roads and power line roads) that connect south Kitsap Lake to Heins Lake and Alexaner Lake. This critical north-south connector is the missing link to tie the mix-use trails from Kingston to south Kitsap and Mason County.
    We wanted to call this link the Jarstad Trail in honor of the Jarstad Family. So, if someone gets the chance, please ask Commissioner Brown about the trails progress and does he intend to work with the Chico Creek Task Force to build this trail? This trail passes through the property that I tried to show him.

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