UPDATED: 2012 Kitsap General Election survey says

UPDATE: The survey is now closed.

Again, these numbers are not scientific. Where they are most interesting is in how one set of responses compares to another. So the Obama/Romney numbers are not necessarily useful on their own, but when compared to McKenna/Inslee, Kilmer/Driscoll and the gay marriage question they might be.

If you want to download a copy, here is a link.
2012 Survey

Tell me your thoughts on who the big winners and losers here and if there are any numbers here that surprise you. Again, this is not scientific, but I think there are some messages sent in these numbers.

Side note: One thing I learned about SurveyMonkey is that if you want more than 100 responses you have to pay for it, and that’s $17 a month. I think we have programmers here who can create the same thing if I want to do this again. I think I might. I’d like to get every ballot question on a survey and see the responses. On this all we have are the numbers from the first 100 responses. I was hoping for 300, but I guess I didn’t read the fine print.

The earlier post follows.

Take a few moments to answer some survey questions going into the 2012 general election.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Obviously this is not a scientific way for anyone to predict what will happen come November, but it can tell us something. Part of this is to measure the value of SurveyMonkey.

9 thoughts on “UPDATED: 2012 Kitsap General Election survey says

  1. @catherine,

    Great question. It will likely be on a future survey. Again, I’m kind of testing SurveyMonkey and kept this one (relatively) short.

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Caucus

  2. Let’s see the 1185 2/3 super-majority issue covered. Also, let’s include the 23rd LD races, Positions 1 and 2 and the key Rolfes/Treadwell race. Let’s also include the pot initiative. These will be the issues that get the bases out and will determine the races.

  3. I-1240 charter school initiative is horrible. it only further disenfranchises the poor becuase the upper middle class to rich want more money for private schools. It takes away from our public school system which needs more help then ever. Shame on you I1240.
    NO on I1240

  4. The poll results on the 23rd District, especially position #2, with history as our judge, have been known for months. In the last race it was 60%-40% for now Senator Rolfes. It won’t be surprising to this voter to see Representative Drew Hansen receiving upwards of 70% of the vote, and we can all be thankful for that.

  5. Yes on I-1240. The status quo looks out for and protects the status quo first and foremost. More education choices that operate outside of this current internally padded and strangled system need to occur.

    Under this initiative, these charter schools will be public charter schools. They will still be a part of the public education system. So how can they “take away” from something they are still a part of? These charter schools will simply operate under a different set of rules, method of control and public accountability.

    Don’t buy into the very desperate scare tactics of the opposition looking to protect the current system that is more focused on being an overloaded guaranteed public employment machine that it is and education system. The status quo needs to remember and be reminded that the Public Education System, belongs to the Public not to the unions or career bureaucrats.

    Colleen Smidt

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