2016: Obama’s America — Your thoughts?

Yesterday two people suggested I go see the Dinesh D’Souza movie 2016: Obama’s America. Honestly, I had hoped to avoid it. But then I admitted that in 2004 I suffered through Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 in an actual movie theater, and decided I owed Republicans this one.

This came after watching the last five speakers of the GOP convention and a trip to the gym. The movie has apparently attracted some crowds. There were about six other people in the theater with me, but it was a 10 p.m. showing on a Tuesday.

I’ll share my thoughts on the movie later. I’ve higher priorities first. If you’ve seen it, or want to see it, or do not want to see it, or have any thoughts at all about this movie, please feel free to leave those thoughts here before I give you a chance to rip me up and down for my opinion.

FIRST UPDATE: Here’s a brief comment to start. D’Souza wonders why Obama returned a bust of Winston Churchill as soon as he took office. The film’s author suggests that it’s a reflection of Obama’s distaste for Britain’s colonial past.

Here’s the problem. That narrative is wrong. The bust of Churchill was returned, but it was done so because it was on loan to the White House for the length of George W. Bush’s presidency. Barack Obama returned what George W. Bush gratefully received on behalf of all Americans as a loan, because the term of that loan was over. Furthermore, Obama has a bust of Churchill in the White House residence. For a more extensive treatment on this, go to ABC’s Jake Tapper’s blog entry on the false assertion.

I’ll have more later. Oh man, will I have more. Bottom line: The right kind of has its Michael Moore, and that is not a compliment.

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