Congressional race even in money between Kilmer, Driscoll

FEC filings are in for the second quarter of 2012 and Democrat Derek Kilmer and Republican Bill Driscoll far outpace the other candidates, which is not a surprise to any of them.

Kilmer issued a press release saying he raised more than $455,000 in the second quarter, putting his overall total at $$816,142. Again, much of Kilmer’s money is from individual donations, but he picked up a fair chunk this time around from PACs and other committees.

The bulk of Driscoll’s money comes from his own savings. The candidate has contributed $520,000 of his own money and picked up $312,395.72 from individuals. He has another $1,000 from PACs and a few hundred from other sources, putting his total at $834,032.93. Driscoll has spent about $122,000, while Kilmer is right around $100,000.

Jesse Young has raised about $141,000 with $88,000 coming from the candidate himself.

Doug Cloud has given his campaign about $53,000 of the near $72,000 he has raised. No new information was available on Stephan Brodhead, who originally loaned his campaigned $133,000, or David “Ike” Eichner, who in the last FEC filing had no money raised.

No information was available about Eric Arentz, an independent.

We’ll dig more into who’s contributing in the coming days.

Whether the money will matter will be a compelling question in the coming days on the Republican side.

Clearly Driscoll hasn’t been hurt by it. He’s airing commercials and has picked up some significant endorsements. But Cloud went into this race with the highest name recognition and Young only stopped campaigning between 2010 and this election between the 2010 primary and the general election that year, if that long.

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