‘Eggs’ forum scheduled

The Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its first of five primary election debates this morning as part of its “Eggs & Issues” series. On this morning’s schedule was Republican James Olsen and Democrat Henning Larsen, both seeking to replace state Rep. Drew Hansen, D-Bainbridge Island, was not able to attend because of a prior engagement. Hansen represents the 23rd Legislative District, Position 2.

In Legislative District 26, Position 1, state Rep. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard is scheduled to debate Democrats Karin Ashabraner and Stephen Greer on July 10

The July 17 forum will include Republican Drew MacEwen, independent Glenn Gaither, Democrats Jeff Davis and Lynda Ring-Erickson.

Candidates for the District 2 county commissioner seat — incumbent Democrat Charlotte Garrido, Democrat Lary Coppola, Republican Linda Simpson and indedendant Kristine Danielson — will address the July 24 forum.

The final morning event before the primary will feature candidates for Superiort Court Judge, Court 7: Jennifer Forbes, Bill Houser, Karen Klein and Rob MacDermaid.

Each forum begins at 7:30 a.m. and will be at the Cloverleaf Sports Bar & Grill, 1240 Hollis Street. If you want to eat breakfast at the event, come prepared to pay for your own meal.

27 thoughts on “‘Eggs’ forum scheduled

  1. I would have liked to have attended yesterdays Eggs and Issues event at the Cloverleaf, but I was otherwise engaged. I hope things went better than the last time Jim and Mary crashed this event at the same establishment. Here is a video they produced of their trespass of their last visit.


  2. Thanks for the dates . Wish these eveents were televised , I actually watch the Sun Editorial Board interviews . Quite informative .

    What is with the Hansen no show ? He was appointed , I want to know where he stands on issues .

  3. Appointed Rep. Drew Hansen blew off attending the Eggs and Issues for no stated reason. What’s up Drew? No want to meet with the constituents? Apparently so.

    Several years ago, Ms Rolfes blew off the event because with 20 days advance notice she could not find a baby sitter.

    I did see Hansen at the Kingston 4th of July parade and he looked in chipper health and was not out of the area.

  4. Friends — here is the link to Appointed Representative Hansen – Expose – Follow the Money http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msdxAvHXsVk

    Also you can see the other video: (YouTube search: Urgency Emergency: Lawyer Hansen. Look for the nuclear warning label for the visual sign.


    See Tristan Baurick link to Jay Trinidad’s great picture of Candidate James Olsen proudly marching before the 25K parade watchers.

  5. OK fans, I’ll make it easier for you to see Urgent Emergency: Lawyer Hansen YouTube video. Love the 1981 theme song tie-in to Drew Hansen’s lawyer pals. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OmviLdC8W4

    I did notice Drew Hansen marching with the Obama mob at the BI parade. I was not part of a mob but I stood proudly before the voters as the non-trial lawyer candidate who stands for jobs, jobs, private-sector jobs. I also missed Hansen at the Democrat booth pressing the flesh with the voters. Hansen did a touch-down-and-take-off routine at the BI 4th of July parade. I stood with the Republican Ladies talking to the good citizens of the 23rd.

  6. Posted on 3 July after the first debate ? Perhaps I had better figure out where these things are found online or in print so that I don’t always find out after the fact, it is important to participate and engage in local politics.

    That said, both James M. Olsen and Mick Sheldon seem to lack a basic understanding of the words “prior engagement” … prior means before, engagement means appointment/meeting/event, not to be confused with engagement as in betrothal, though marriage equality would be an interesting topic to hear the local candidates discuss. The use of the inflammatory rhetoric ‘no show’ to describe someone’s ‘excused absence’ or in this case ‘I have a prior engagement and will not be able to attend’ is I believe intended to belittle our current Representative Hansen.

    Speak on issues, be clear, present your plans, be specific, and step away from inflammatory rhetoric.

  7. Olsen, I’d be frustrated and resentful too, if I were the opposing party’s candidate walking alone behind my wife on the video truck and hearing “BOO” and “SPAM” coming from the 25,000 spectators lining the parade route while the Islanders for Democrats was getting cheers, claps and standing ovations (along with the Support Equal Marriage folks). You kept your head high. I respect that. I was disappointed I didn’t see Drew in the parade, but I got there late. I hear he was in the Poulsbo or Kingston parade. As for a no show on Winslow at the Democrats booth – can’t be in two places at once. He chose another town.

    As far as the Eggs and Issues debate goes – what part of “previous engagement” is so hard to understand and, in my humble opinion, scheduling it for 7/3 was not the best of choices.

    Oh, and you’re still bitter about Rolfes and her inability to schedule a babysitter with 20 day’s notice. Have you EVER had to schedule a babysitter? From my experience, babysitters ARE sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to schedule and have no qualms about cancelling their services with no notice.

    Have a nice day.
    Bliss out

  8. sun20backbench

    Asking a question why a candidate did not show up to a forum that was advertised to be a political debate is not inflamatory or rhetoric . Perhaps use your dictionary to look up those words.

    Its why I asked the blog host if he knew . Was it the mistake of those who hosted the forum , was the no show because movie night at the Hansen family , a personal family matter that is none of our business , was it because it was bowling night . Not actually such a question we should be worried about asking of a candidate without getting a retort from someone behind a mask . .

    Apparently you have a list what can be asked and what can not be . I suggest you stick with those and allow the rest of us to ask ours with out your inflamatory rhetoric .

  9. Mick seems to have a knot in his knickers or is just another cranky Olsen defender. Get over yourself, Bub. Olsen is a blowhard and filled with inflammatory rhetoric EVEN after folks try and treat him humanely. Don’t get sucked into little Jimmy Olsen’s corner. You are likely to get painted with the same brush as he…the one tainted by his misogyny, historical revisionism, and ugly name calling antics.

    Just sayin’!
    Regina Cesspoolis

  10. Mick Sheldon, perhaps you would like the sentence that the blog host, Steven Gardner wrote isolated for better comprehension :

    “Rep. Drew Hansen, D-Bainbridge Island, was not able to attend because of a prior engagement.”

    and I will also reiterate for you that in this case, ‘prior engagement’ means that Rep. Drew Hansen had another event to attend, and therefore would not be able to be part of the Eggs & Issues forum that was unfortunately scheduled on the same day he had a previously agreed to meeting scheduled.

    Seems your question was answered before you asked it, had you read the post carefully. The wording of your question “what’s with the no show” and Mr Olsen’s retort about ‘no[t] wanting to meet with constituents’ are rhetorical, inflammatory and not conducive to public debate.

    You were correct when you wrote that Rep. Hansen’s absence was none of your business. He responded the he had to decline because of a prior commitment. Enough said. As for my list of questions, I would like to ask Mr Olsen when we can expect the next campaign video of his march down Madison in the Bainbridge Island Fourth of July parade, I am looking forward to some new material.

  11. I can forward Olsen and MaryV a clip that was forwarded to me. Seems the person singing could use a few lessons as my hearing will never be the same again, but it’s a hoot!

    If MaryV tightens up her editing skills she could actually make it appear that the crowd screaming their support for BI Democrats was actually screaming for Olsen…. but we know the truth.

    Blissed Be

  12. Shannon really tired of your excessive beligerent comments , you come off as someone who has serious issues. Being paindevice of a political candidate is close to harrassment . The Sun allows it and has suffered their reputation for it . , Character Counts routine followers have hurt their own creditability . Your continued threats by you that someone in your circles could actuially taint my reputation or be concerned about your bullying antics is amusing .

  13. Sunny

    First I am a voter . Rep Hansen was appointed by the 23rd District Democrats . A far left liberal group of folks if their ever was one.I believe they would not be ashamed to say so either . For him to give up a chance for the voters to get to know him better I found unusual. Prior engagement could mean many things , Someone making decisions that impact the rest of us for me as a voter should be willing and even eager to get a chance to speak . To me it was important to know if it was a dinner invite or something that held importance that my own personal discernment could qualify . My vote is mine , it is not up to to you to define for me what issues are important and what are not . Got that !

    Second I had a email conversation with Rep Hansen over a subject I felt important . He responded 4 or 5 times and I thought it was a healthy exchange , and in the end he even invited me to come to Olympia and speak to on the issue of drug abuse and how the courts handle the problem . I appreciated his willingness to listen . Your arrogance and those I have seen here supporting him through North Kitsap that claim they are concerned about Character I find alarming . Rep Hansen appeared to me to be the sort of Man who would not keep circles with such an ill mannered bunch . He seemed like a gentleman concerned about finding solutions . He called me and other citizens and we particpated in phone Town Hall of sorts.

    Your arrogance and actually thinking you have the ability to tell another voter what is important to him or not is exactly what is not need in Olympia.

    .Rep Hansen and James Olsen both gain more respect by me for stepping up and accepting the risks and the hacking for just taking up their civic responsibilty .

  14. Jim should be happy that Representative Drew Hansen had a prior engagement on the 3rd. I’ve heard Representative Drew Hansen speak. Not only does he have a clear and pleasant voice, he is knowledgeable and articulate and actually has a record of achievment to stand on. He has gained the respect and admiration of law makers from both sides of the aisle not only for his support of education, but also for his fine efforts on behalf of our returning hero service members and for his solid support of fairness and equality for all of our friends, neighbors, and family members. I’ve also heard Jim speak.

  15. Mick Sheldon, speaking of this list I have of questions that can be asked, I’ve been thinking, I’d really like to hear how Representative Hansen feels about Marriage Equality, what with all this talk about engagements … and perhaps James M Olsen has something to say on the issue as well. Your kind response has reminded me that I too can have an email conversation of healthy depth with both our Representative and the perennial candidate, and perhaps I’ll even get an invite to speak on the issue.

    Another question on my list to ask is regarding education, which Representative Hansen has been focusing on during his time in Olympia. I do not think he’s been interfering with the educational process nor attempting to block curriculum being taught in our schools, instead he’s part of the appropriations committee that looks to funding our system. Improving our educational system is of vital importance to our community, and it seems Representative Hansen is doing that work on behalf of the good people of the 23rd district.

    With civic responsibility comes a responsibility in civility, that point you and I seem to agree on. What’s interesting is your interpretation of what characterizations are acceptable, and what labels you’re willing to assign fellow participants in this (and other) discussion forum(s).

  16. SUN

    You must be somewhat of a novice to local politics. Especially in the North End , the democrats that appointed Drew would never appoint anyone Pro Traditional Marriage . . Also for protecting the unborn, you have also have to support tax dollar abortions , he is supported by NARAL and Planned Parenthood .

    I liked his take on education , but he is short on details as most politicians are . But this one formula for all kids is not working well . Glad he is taking it up since the odds are he wins 63 percent to 37 percent .

    What I found interesting is also your selective interpretations of civility . Especially if you been on any of the forums on the Sun , from mocking Deity to spouses , and sometimes the political point is never even addressed. What labels you were willing to give in other forums appear to be forgotten or justified ? But you remember others and of the opposing party .

    That is civility , anyone can be respectful to someone they agree with .

    You know Drew is an Evangelical , Too may do that . God is non partsian in my opinion . He gave a speech on the House Floor and an article was written in the Sun where he defended a legislative action using Jesus Christ as part of the deal at a forum . . Hopefully he would not use his Faith for abortion , but I would like to know him better before I would say such a thing . But using religious beliefs , een one I share is not exactly a way to promote the First Amendment .

    Religious Freedom is important to me , which is why these words of yours on another Sun Forum stuck out ,

    ‘’’”religious freedom” are code words from the extreme right to cover their racism and misogyny – they are threatened by powerful people of color and women – and they think their behavior is or should be covered by the constitution, and want to change it so that it becomes legal to subjugate others to *their* religious beliefs””””

    “”not on my watch.””’

    Now you must know many people such as Drew and I receive quite a bit a flak for our beliefs , as do Catholics and Mormons . Rick Santorum , Mitt Romney , and Our President have been through the political ringer for their Faith .

    Some one who insults republicans as regressive and then speaks about civility from one political view is not really speaking to civility .So like me it may be important to you , but you appear to not exactly without sin in your short run on the Sun .

    But your right , I have lost my temper . Civility I have no ownership of , it is something I support and believe with proper safeguards in place , can be achieved . So if your really concerned , and not just here as a Character Counts magnet like the others , give civility a chance here .

  17. Mick,
    After watching the antics of James M Olsen for the past 15+ years, I have to admit that I have lost my civility when it comes to anything the man says or does. I have been mocked and ridiculed by the man for no other reason than asking simple questions which he refuses to answer, except with rhetoric and insults.

    All I wish to do here is allow a basic understanding of what our community has been dealing with for all these years. If what you see here by Sun20 is a lack of civility, then I would be willing to bet is is due to an extra dose of frustration for a man who has repeatedly shown himself to be contrite, homophobic and vindictive. If you should need proof to my allegations, I can provide plenty. The space on this forum is not long enough for me to list it all here.

    When YOU bring up personal information about me “say hi to Alan and the kids” then I take that as an invasion of my privacy especially when I ask my husband if he knows you and he says he doesn’t… that, to me, is incredibly uncivil. You say you take no ownership in civility, but you do own your actions and your responses to what people contribute on these forums.

    So, go ahead. Have a field day and give me a written reprimand, but hold yourself to the same standard that you expect of everyone else.

  18. Understand that Ali, was having a few comments written about myself , including sexuality , yours indicating my hots for another poster was on top of that . The others before you were quite graphic , two were deleted . Reading yours after reading those is where you came into the conversation . Actually i thought you were piling on . Also right before were examples of my mental incapacity , racism , religious slurs, basic attacks you find on the blogs here on the Sun . So yes I understand how you felt ,especially people using monikers saying this being considered acceptable to the SUN monitors here . Quite something when a person hides behide a moniker , says they know you , speaks about things you have done , and slurs them openly . As CS Lewis spoke to in Mere Christianity . “Their is a Chivalrous Sensibility As Honor Mother and Father , your wife is at stake “. Their is an ordinary fervor to certain held beliefs that hit us when we feel our beliefs are maligned in a way that is in appropriate , when then people make that disagreement personal , you attack home .

    I agree it was uncivil . And I agree we should expect civility from our Representativeses , but don’t expect it Ally if use the same methods to bring them down or anyone we perceive in that path . We get what we are so to speak.

    Not sure this was a reprimand . Since I was wrong , intended to push back , and get you off my back so to speak .

  19. Want some cheese with that whine? No sense arguing with a toddler during a meltdown either. Olsen wants to represent my community in Olympia, yet he has time and again shown his absolute intolerance and lack of respect for his potential constituents. Personally, I consistency, decency and a dedication to all the communities they represent.

    Back to the original issue at hand, it looks to me that you and Olsen are unable to accept “prior engagement” and need an absolute reason (babysitter, meeting, scheduled sock drawer rearrangement etc – sarcasm fully intended) why he was unable to attend so the both of you can then sit back, judge that other commitment to be irrelevant to the importance of the debate. Well, Hansen is not some 15 year old girl who decides at the last minute to dishonor her previously scheduled commitment. I too am disappointed he did not attend, but at the same time I say he shows upstanding character for honoring his prior commitment.

  20. Look like I wanted an explanation why he was not there . The first insult was directed to James Olsen and to his wife . Interesting you have no problem with spouses being mentioned when it is politically preferable . The first time I found out James Olsen had children was reading Character Counts web page . You seem to have missed that also . We understand its all about you in your views . But elected officials direct aspects of our lives , how much we give up iof our paychecks i we are fortunate to be working , what our kids are taught now in sex education , if our tax dollars go to fund abortions instead of helping the mentally ill on safety nets . Elected officials deal with more important things then your outrage of James Olsen .

    The issue at hand was actually a listing of engagements our politicians will be speaking to . The issue at hand was changed by a series of cyber bullies that show up remarkably on cue when ever a posting shows up speaking to James Olsen . They do not just speak to James Olsen , they mock , insult , threaten , anyone who appears to be supportive of the Republican views or voting for James Olsen . Write a letter to editor , your comments directed to me are considered harassment and vulgar . Now I am outraged , maybe I should start a web page on you . I rather have Olsen represent me in Olympia then your candidate . Live with it . What your candidate considers righteous and holy I fininappropriatete and harmful to children . . But I suggest speaking to it with civility makes more sense in the long run . Thank you .

  21. Mick,

    Behavior has consequences. This applies both to individuals and to societies. Olsen’s public behaviors indicate a that he is a misogynist, a historical revisionist, and is happy to be endorsed by a racist. The negative trend in responses regarding Olsen can be traced to the consequences of his own actions and decisions. Ultimately, our behavior does have consequences. Our errors catch up to us every time we are lax. Jim has been worse than lax.

    This is the truth. We, and we alone, must take control to get better outcomes especially in local elections.Jim’s irresponsible and lax behavior all adds up to demonstrate that he is not the person best suited to represent our district. Examples of his hubris and arrogance and cretin behaviors are so easy to find and I will continue to present them here.

    A person’s character is judged by how he/she acts or reacts to incidents in life. The decisions a candidate makes in critical moments are an extension of his or her personality and can impact the lives of every person in their district if elected. Each candidate has to pass the tests of integrity in order for us to place our trust in him or her.

    Jim’s arrogance got him defeated more than once. I suspect he will continue to make the same mistakes in this campaign cycle as well.

  22. Mick Sheldon,

    My first comment wasn’t an insult, but rather a statement of fact, and I also expressed my desire that things went better than they did the last time. Did you miss that part? Did you watch the video that I linked? It’s one that Jim has advertised many times (even within the threads of the Sun when he was still allowed to do so). If you watch the video, you will notice that Jim is wearing a BITV hat in an effort to give himself (and his cameraperson) credibility (even though he did not then, or ever, work for BITV). That video and the behavior that it depicts are two of the factors leading to BITV membership being revoked. This is not an insult. It’s a fact. This kind of behavior is relevent when the person displaying it is running for public office and in my opinion, it was very thoughtful of Jim to provide the voting public with some video evidence of his winning ways.

  23. Once again, Olsen came in to the conversation to drop a few pieces of chum bait and then watch the drama ensue. Consistency Counts! This is his modus operandi. Sadly, we all fell into the game as did Mick Shelton, yet again. Personally, I have better things to do with my time, but my mother always said that my achilles heel was to get the last word.

    Mick, I’m curious. You say you work hard. How do you it when you’re on forums posting comments all day? I want a gig like that!

  24. Mick, you are outraged? Oh my golly gee. I said something that offended you and now you threaten to start a webpage about me? Wow. I hope the forum moderators are catching all of this.

    Yes, I have contributed Sheet Jim Olsens says to Character Counts. I fully stand by my postings and all the other, fully documented, 100% from Olsen’s mouth, posted on that site. That doesn’t preclude me from my first amendment right to participate on this forum as well.

    Dude, you sure can dish it out, but wow, you start hitting below the belt when it starts coming back to you. I never brought in your wife and kids or threatened to start a webpage about you. Stop playing the victim and man up.

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